You're my disco.

When: Friday, July 25th, 2008.

What: Black silk dress with black satin v-neck and back, Carole Little. Sheeba belt, vintage. Linea Paolo peep-toe leopard print and patent leather pumps. Little glove thingees are probs from Hot Topic, but they're ancient, so it's totally possible they're from that awesomely trashy and fabulous boutique in the Upper Haight that I can't remember the name of.

Confession: Last night was the first time that I deejayed in nearly a year. I was not a little terrified and stressed, but a very nice and lovely Cari Campbell walked me through the set-up and stood over my shoulder while I got started and even taught me about this AMAZING new technology that blew my mind, where you can spin MP3s on your laptop with this special software and dummy vinyl thingee on the actual turntables. Dreamy. I danced and got all sweaty and played my favorite Louis XIV song and scowled at the girl who had the nerve to ask me to play Katy Perry (seriously?), but I did fulfill two other song requests!