Yellin' from the Rooftop

01-P2870638 Well, sometimes you spend your Saturday afternoon on a beautiful Back Bay rooftop deck being serenaded in Spanish by an awesome band. It was technically the last day of summer and despite the fog's persistent attempts to dampen the festivities, temps soared well into the 80s and it was a lovely way to pass the hours.

02-Acote FFAF-002


Maybe you do, maybe you don't recognize this printed peplum top from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection! I went the safe route and threw on a J. Crew pencil skirt, adding a Zara leather tassel belt around the waist and some navy pumps for a subtle pop of color. The slouchy textured bag is by luxe vegan brand Urban Expressions.

04-Acote FFAF-001


I also picked up - have I already said this? I don't think I have - the BOOM! sweatshirt, which I wore for about a week straight until it absolutely had to be tossed into the wash. Love that damn thing. I haven't tried on the super sassy mustard animal print dress yet, but something tells me (and every other sassy femme out there) that it's a keeper. It seems like the perfect thing to toss on when you want to feel cozy and like you give a whit without all the effort. I want to pair mine with a navy prep school blazer and black booties!


I've also got on my super new ultra-favorite shades from Anthropologie and this majestic Eleven Objects collar. The peplum and collar are such a great combo!


I really really love how my Fairyland key peeks out from under the pencil skirt's hem.



What else is new 'round these parts? My riding lessons will now include jumping and my new goal is to secure a half-lease before the year ends. If I could be in the saddle eight hours a day I would in a heartbeat, but I'll settle for a handful a week. (For now. I guess.)

My little brother's wedding is in two weeks! So excited to see the family, visit old haunts, catch up with pals, and celebrate such a happy day with him. (Locals, be on standby - we're planning a get-together of some sort. Probably in Oakland. We miss you!) After just over a year here, we're "finally" going to get started on the attic renovation soon - just the design portion, which I think takes a good month or two at least, and then the physical work will begin. (Though probably not in December, which means demo in January at the earliest...whoa!)

Speaking of work, I've had lots of new clients to keep me busy lately. Today's sent me off with a big warm hug after a grueling but cathartic four-hour wardrobe analysis, and on the way home I treated myself to a new pair of riding gloves from Dover Saddlery in Wellesley. When I got home the tomboy was already mixing up drinks. Not bad at all, Friday! Have a safe and lovely weekend, y'all.