Year in Review: 2012

January 1st, Pacifica Pier. A fresh start kicks off my 2012 favorites, with a cheeky nod to the 60s in this striped skirt and a Bardot 'do.

February 6th, the old backyard. Chronograph, skipping into tomboy femme style leaning on two heavy crutches: cascading curls and a seriously skirted trench.

March 20. Jack London Square, Oakland. Suddenly Spring, which means polka dots and leather. We were busy gearing up to buy a house or something, so this was one of only two posts all month long!

I love this one of the two of us, too - partly because we took photos in this exact spot the day we were married at City Hall way back in 2008, and partly because it was just such an easy, perfect day with great friends. The amazing Riese from Autostraddle is behind the lens of this particular shot!

April 15th. South End, Boston. Retail therapy at Uniform, in casual indigo denim, crisp white and warm leather accessories. Next time, a ponytail instead!

April 5th. Charles River, Cambridge. Because it was my birthday, that's why, and just look at those trees in full, beautiful bloom!

Mother's Day! Potrero Hill, San Francisco. Bay Blues - man, it was a hot one. Perfect for this pin-up look!

June 25th, the old place. Nice day for a dyke march...the finale in a long string of San Francisco Dyke March outfits, y'all, and the end of an era.

July's only post was to inform you that there would be no further posting until we were settled in our new home in Boston, MA. It temporarily redirected y'all to follow our cross-country adventures over at Lez Roll. It was a pretty fun ride, one we'll never forget!

August 18th, South End. Bats and barbershops, because the saga is much too hilarious not to revisit, and this slouchy summer outfit is tops!

August 26th, getting cheeky on our corner of the Charles River. I lived in this ruffled maxi while discovering that New England summers are the dreamiest.

September 24th, our front porch. One last hurrah for summer stripes, wrapping up a month of breezy late summer looks, sometimes color-coordinated with Bird.

October 12th, South End. (Evidently, we have a favorite neighborhood out here.) Dots, Sheep & Leaves featured a Sunday brunch outfit playing with the animal farm sweater and detached collar trends of the season on a slightly damp autumn day.

November 11th. The seaside town of Ogunquit, Maine. This was a tough one, but I love this Orla Kiely dress and the Atlantic Ocean together here. November couldn't have been more exciting: Our first turkey! Portland, ME! Snow for the first time since we arrived! A new kitten! Apple picking! Good heavens, let's do it all over again!


Christmas Day, our home. A month full of gatherings with friends old and new, bustling with holiday cheer and merriment, and finally, snow. I couldn't feel luckier or more loved, and we're not even through celebrating. It makes my heart ache with gratitude - 2012, what a year to cherish and hold dear!

So here's to seeing what 2013 brings. I'm still too dizzy from this one to even try to get my bearings on a new one, but I hope it's full of good health and adventure.

Happy New Year, everyone!