Work it out.

dsc02042 dsc02074 dsc02091 dsc02096 When: Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 2009.

What: Black cotton yoga pants, racerback cotton tank by Chicks On Speed, both by H&M. Vintage black lace bra. Trainers by New Balance.

Confession: I told y'all I would post my stupid gym outfit one day! I mean, it's not stupid, it's just fine I suppose, but it's my gym outfit! I even scrounged up a weight thingee for y'all. I was waiting for M to get home, very patiently like a very good and patient kitten, so I figured it was just as good a time as any to show you.

Would you like to see our awesome workout chart? Yes, you do. I can tell. M made one for each of us.

Peep the insanity:


My wife is dreamy. It's true.