Wingaersheek Chic

01-DSC01540 Welcome to Wingarsheek Beach! It's a Gloucester gem, a North Shore nod from Ann to Cod, a literal clamdigger's dream at the sweet spot between a rock bottom low tide and when the waves begin to lap their way back to shore.


If traffic's good, it's only an hour from home, with plenty of nearby parking for a mere $15 (NO BARRELS!), the holy grail of snack shacks, clean and spacious restrooms, gorgeous warm water with lots of rocky, rugged interest that doesn't interfere with soft, fine sand, and beach-goers from all walks of life. In other words, a real keeper of a beach.




Even with September underway, I think there are still a handful of beach weekends left yet in 2014, which is par for the course back home but not always true to old Boston town. And we have a sailing lesson to bang out before October! And a horseback ride through the Berkshires! I think we were both hoping that chunky, creamy fisherman sweaters would be appropriate for both, but we'll have to wait and see.



For now, it's still sweltering enough for linen trousers and silk tanks, but nothing to justify round-the-clock A/C.

Perfect, really.

It's kind of insane and overwhelming how many beaches there are to try out and explore here, when you think about it. It's so foreign! I'm used to Temescal vs. Anza, Baker vs. Ocean, Stinson vs. Funston; divisive contests of scarcity and the somewhat arbitrary pride of locals. Here I get the sense that even if you grew up in the area, you still haven't explored every beach, every apple orchard, every historical site, every lobster shack, every prestigious university.

(But then again, I haven't been to every ski resort in Tahoe, or every vineyard in the wine country...)


09-Wingaersheek FFAF-001


M was delighted that there was plenty of gross dead stuff to pillage, and people dug for clams like whoa. Piles and piles and wagons and coolers full of them! It was astonishing. I haven't seen anything like it since I was a girl and got dragged all over the Pacific Coast while my folks amassed obscene amounts of fresh abalone, sulking from the shore with the wind pushing sand into my little eyes.

And everyone was doing it! Digging for clams, I mean. Hapless tourists joining in on the fun, old (and highly efficient) pros, big families, packs of teenagers. It was wild. Who knew?



Definitely a two tote bag kind of day at the beach, featuring a first-generation Everlane and Hipp & Kirk. Below is my favorite beach towel of all time, from a 1953 cover of Esquire Magazine. Just as much for the beach babe motif as for the "Californians Are Crazy" bit at the bottom. It's not just looks - the thing is massive and soft and plush as heck.

13-Wingaersheek FFAF


Since this is probably one of the more exposed posts I've ever done here, I wanted to mention something great happening over at Modcloth with regard to the representation of women and body positivity. The co-founder has pledged to promote total #fashiontruth, meaning that the company will strive to cast a variety of women in their ads and social media campaigns, and to show them as their true selves, to source, make, and sell clothing in a range of sizes, and to honor their customers as a community and put them at the center of everything they do. Fabulous!



The idea is to be what you want to see in fashion, and I particularly look forward to their collaborations and celebrations of more body types and POC women in their social media streams. You can start by signing the petition for the Truth In Advertising Act, if you feel so inclined.

Finally, consider yourselves warmed warned: There are just three last seaworthy posts to go before FFAF folds into an inevitable autumn and what everyone hopes will be a merciful winter.

Navy anchor cover-up (which doesn't quite cover up my bum, I know - it's the beach!) – J. Crew (similar here) | Tulle Underwire Tank Swimsuit – J. Crew | Everlane Tote Bag | Canvas Tote – Hipp & Kirk | Anchor Earrings - Plague of Pigeons| Dean Sunglasses in English Oak – Warby Parker | Sparkle Lemon iPhone 5 Case - Kate Spade | Druzy Claw Ring – Lauren Wolf

Until next time, y'all!