Windowpane Plaid

4-P2820190 The moment I saw this dress on the racks at Bobby From Boston, I knew it had to be mine. The fabric is a wonderful weight and moves well, the muddy blues, greens and shot of mustard yellow had me at hello, and I adored that they were in this unique windowpane plaid print I've never quite seen before. Prada had similar prints in 2008 and 2010, and there was a hint of something similar in Richard Chai's capsule collection for Target way back in 2008.

Still, I like mine the best, even if it could use a trip to the tailor before it's perfect!


Day 18: "Want to pull off a Dries-style, grunge-glam look but can't quite afford its plaid pieces? Wear the plaid shirtdress you already own and top a sheer skirt over it for a really spectacular peekaboo effect."

If we're honest, I love the look of sheer overlays over other articles of clothing and think this idea is a great one, albeit closer to a layered autumn/fall look and less "New England summer." (I especially love the idea of a well-fitted black lace top, slightly cropped, with 3/4 length sleeves, to wear over strapless dresses, while we're at it. I'm pretty sure I saw something like it, of course obscenely expensive for fall/winter this year, but I can't remember which designer it was.)


Anyway, I looked around for an inexpensive, sheer skirt to no avail. I also considered buying one of those moronic "here's a wisp-thing jersey miniskirt with a high-low sheer polyester shower curtain affixed to it" and cutting the mini out of it, but at that point I was over it.

Plus, it was kind of hard to go there after seeing this one and falling in love: Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 11.48.45 AM.png

But as my darling M so helpfully pointed out, I could totally make this and for way under $130. Alas, not in time for this post. THOSE POLKA DOTS. Also? I stepped outside in between torrential downpours to make sure this outfit got documented! If I do end up making the thing, I'll definitely revisit this outfit and give it due space here on the blog.

3-Day 17-001

What else? I've had this skinny Tahari belt for eons. 'Galaxy' shoes are olsenHaus, a vegan brand. (You can get a kickass pair in a similar shape in nude/black here.) The bag is Kate Spade's Irving Place Little Nadine (get it in green or pink), and I'm wearing my Kate Spade Idiom necklace as well - the matching bracelet is cute, too. Bracelets and earrings from Madewell.


7-Day 17-002

We're catching up! I'm excited about the next two outfits - a few skirts with unlikely top combos, and then we're back to FUG CITY with that hideous tunic-over-pants thing. I see the socks-with-sandals thing rears its tricky head again today, but we won't get there for a while. Yesterday I resisted the urge to buy two different cat-print items from H&M - their pre-fall is in stores, and some of it is goooooooooooooooooooood, you guys! Some really great texture and color. (I resisted those urges as well. Too soon!)


6-Day 17

One more day until CAT CIRCUS!