Wild Girls, Part I

The sun has been trying its hardest to cut through the nip in the air since morning, and I've been fighting the pups for patches of it in the living room. These are my new booties! They are so comfortable and I can't stop stomping around in them.

Truth be told this was all inspired by the skirt, the fantastically dated length of it and the charming little pocket watch print, which I thrifted then promptly laundered yesterday, and also by reading Wild Girls by Diana Souhami, which makes normally sane lesbians want to "wear lots of eye makeup and smoke opium and write terrible poetry, and then go horseback riding in Paris" because even having copious sex with innumerable lesbians in various countries gets tedious sometimes, it's true.

I'd put it down to finish The Help and in my (very short-lived) excitation over Super Sad True Love Story a week or so ago, but I still get to savor the last half. Whee! We've just met Romaine. She is damaged goods. Bewitching, irresistible, heartbreakingly gorgeous damaged goods. The book is full of filthy rich, wicked, wicked lesbians in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. They fall in and out of infatuation fast enough to give you whiplash, perform Sapphic dance rituals together in gardens (I should hope naked, though the book clearly pictures them clothed), make love on bear rugs and get into lavish affairs and have grandiose continental breakups. It was given to me as a gift and I can already tell this book is going to be a lifelong bad influence reserved for very special occasions.

Clearly, I recommend it.

Here's another thing I'm obsessed with right now, and it's just fine if you laugh:

I will continue to drive around in the sweet California sunshine with my windows rolled down, singing this real loud with all my little heart. My only defense is that it's a cover of a Rascal Flatts song (at least I think that's a decent defense, somebody better come on and back me up here!).

I will come back tomorrow to show you the special Valentine's Day edition boudoir-style shots, and how M and I almost got a divorce last night over a highly architectural black fleece Asos dress I procured recently. She even turned the dogs against me, y'all. Bird tried to run away. Stay tuned!

Thrifted skirt, ancient black tank, Etsy corset-belt-suspender thing, Aldo boots, vintage fur and rings, Banana Republic necklaces. Nail polish is Zoya's Elodie! XO!