White(ish) Christmas

01-P2680292 Welcome to Santalandia!

I know the holidays have passed and that everyone is looking forward to (or dreading) New Year's Eve already, but we had such a lovely Christmas just the two of us and I thought I'd share it with you all. Of course, we had shipped the petite back to SF and promised only to open one or two presents each in her absence. (The rest we'd save for when we were all reunited for a completely new hybrid of holiday - a New Year's Christmas!) We slept in obscenely late, dawdled over coffee and pastries, exchanged gifts and cooed over the very light dusting of snow that fell overnight.


It's so much better when the lights are all lit up, but I'll save that for the next post - here's our little Victorian and some of our festive decorations.

02-Christmas Day Stroll1

We decided to spend our few remaining hours of daylight (and boy, do they go quick when you roll out of bed at noon) strolling around the neighborhood, seeing what there was to see, with lucky Bird in tow.



I'm so red-faced from the cold! Brr! There's a tiny little park nearby that gets all dolled up in Christmas finery each year, and it's all for the sake of the kiddos. A towering Santa, reindeer and a sleigh with bells, tons of inflatable childhood characters and lights all over, and a small nativity fill up the modest green space, but my favorite is the Letters to Santa box, which we'll get to a bit later!


M now thoroughly enjoys claiming that Bird was present at the birth of Christ. Bird, true to his nature, was terrified of the whole ghastly scene, all of it.


M looking dapper, if a wee bit linty. Hey, we'd only just rolled out of bed and decided to take a stroll! Plus, it's Christmas Day!

08-Christmas Day Stroll4

She's got on Zara pants, a plain white dress shirt, her beloved Scottish cardigan from Joseph's in Portland, ME, and an H&M tie. Her gloves are Calvin Klein, the coat is Guess, and the very inappropriate shoes are also from Zara. The trapper hat is Penguin, and her sunglasses are prescription Ray-Bans.

09-Christmas Day Stroll6

I've got on a new Rugby by Ralph Lauren flannel shirtdress, which is soft as all get-out and the dreamiest plaid. I layered plain black tights under a pair of Muk Luk over-the-knee socks, and my hat and gloves are from Ralph Lauren, too. Lauren by Ralph Lauren, to be exact, and the parka is Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren. (Jesus, they should sponsor me or something!)

10-Christmas Day Stroll5

The scarf is Land's End and was a steal I found at a thrift shop for a quarter or somesuch. I threw on a pair of big, sparkly Kate Spade earrings just because. I'm completely in love with my first ever pair of Hunter boots. I love that the trademark rubber is mixed with a super sturdy, tailored canvas with the rear pull tabs - it feels more like an elegant riding boot than what they are, plus they are lined with a rich Saxony tweed!


I just bought myself two pairs of their fleece-lined cuff socks to go with, one basket weave in black and there was no way I could pass up the Union Jack pair. Can't wait to get them and stomp around in the snow s'more!


Totally unrelated to anything, M's last haircut request was "swing kids" and I love it so much. She keeps saying that she needs to go in to get it tidied up a bit (and I will kill her if she lets them cut it any shorter because it's so incredibly hot at this length), but she and our friend, another tomboy, have broken up with their South End barber and need a replacement ASAP. If any of you out there have recommendations, we're all ears!


14-Christmas Day Stroll8

Here it is! Santa's mailbox! It's just the sweetest thing in the world. We were literally the only souls in the park on Christmas Day, but I can only imagine that tons of cutie pie little kids dutifully shoved their letters to Santa into this thing, and it just warms my heart. Well done, little park association, very well done!

15-Christmas Day Stroll7

Up next, the fact that my precious, darling mother purchased holiday attire for each of our animals on the downlow because my stepdad would have had a shitfit had he known the truth! We let them "open" their gifts from grandma on Christmas morning, and basically died it was all so freaking adorable.

Come back soon to see, and belated holiday cheer to you and yours.