Whale of a day!

Whale watching! It's here that we set out for our little whale watching adventure. The beautiful Plymouth Harbor and Breakwater don't require a whole of description. Just look! Turns out Plymouth, MA is the last coastal town before you're in Cape Cod proper, and its bay is just a little fraction of the size of Cape Cod Bay - but they still have an adorable little lighthouse at the harbor's entrance. It's called The Gurnet.

It couldn't have been a better day suited for whale watching with Captain John. (Well, it could have been warmer, I suppose, but who's complaining?) Bright, impossibly clear skies and deep blue water for miles out to sea. It took us a good hour-and-a-half to get out to the whales, which brought us to the very end of Cape Cod Bay at the Atlantic Ocean and caused several on the boat not insignificant seasickness, but it was all worth it.

Fun fact: Our hair is lying, since these photos were taken after the four-hour cruise and a subsequent sailor's meal of lots of deep-fried sea creatures. Yum!

As she is wont to do, M bossed me into getting into some boats on the harbor. "No one cares!" she said, "it's just for a minute!"

To think she's the one who ended up with skinned knees years ago from almost falling and drowning in the dark night at an Alameda harbor, all because I wanted her to steal us a boat. Anyway, she was right. I got into TWO boats and nobody cared and nobody and nothing was harmed. In some ways things are more laid back here than in California, to be honest.

I've been using my Everlane backpack a lot lately. It's perfect for outings like this, trips to the farm - I even used it in place of a weekender bag during our overnight stay in Portland, ME and there was still plenty of room left over for souvenirs and guides and snacks, etc. Good thing, too, because my beloved weekender from Tommy Hilfiger died a moldy death last month in the basement, sadly.

Gorgeous light on the Breakwater and some surprisingly colorful little dinghies at the harbor.

Row, row, row your boat gently out to sea. Wait, those aren't the right words...

Oh, well. The next part is the best part, anyway - merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream! 

We saw that old derelict wooden wonder bobbing around in the harbor and I fell in love with it. It looks like a pirate ship! It's not too big. It'd be downright handsome with a little TLC. We'll take it and sail it all the way 'round to Havana, Cuba, just like my nutty uncle with a finger missing!

Let's chat outfit details before we get into the waves and whales below.

M had on a pair of trusty Levi's and her completely adorable PJ By Peter Jensen Goldens golden lab sweater, topped off with an H&M puffer and a pair of Lounge by Mark Nason tough guy boots. She seriously regretted wearing fingerless gloves, but was ultimately glad to have on any at all - these are a pair of Coal lambswool gloves I got her for Christmas last year. Finally, the cream Kiel James Patrick knotted bracelet she took over when I got one in coral. She never takes it off.

We wore really similar outfits, piece-for-piece, even though they turned out radically different. My jeans and puffer vest are Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, the striped sweater is Paul Smith and I've got on an Everlane belt. For extra warmth, I tugged on these cozy socks with my canvas Seychelles boots, and the vintage leather gloves were a total afterthought and the wrong color. I have a lined green pair somewhere that I need to find ASAP, because wearing these unlined ones felt like not wearing any at all on the chilly sea! I can't imagine having them on in the snow or anything.

Of course, I couldn't go without my Plague of Pigeons anchor earrings, and I also had on my Mariele Ivy bear-and-tine necklace.

Nice view if you can get it, eh? Some sick, reckless part of me would love to spend the weekend in one of these during a Nor'Easter! Not Sandy, though. Sandy's giving me the creeps.

DORSAL DELIGHTS! This playful humpback couple circled the boat for about an hour and it was amazing to see them. M was a little disappointed that they didn't jump 20 feet into the air or make a bloody mess killing some other magical creature, but they were really cool to watch. They're so large and calm and otherworldly, and I liked it much more than I thought I would.

If you can stomach the wild ride out (and there's always medicine to help with that), I highly recommend it!

Classic shot of the tail, or fluke. This one had some white markings, but not all do! It's one of the main ways the naturalists tell them apart, it seems, because they've all got different names and there are lots of them out here!

For scale, you can see how the seagull is just a tiny sliver the size of the whale's head!

Such a fun day! Wish us luck getting through this first big storm of the season. We won't see early snow or anything (sorry about that, Utah and Colorado), but it'll be a good practice run for taking winter's storms head-on.