West Dennis Light


One thing you know, you're taking a few days easy because you just got back from California, the next thing you know you're down for the count and feeling like death warmed up. I thought I was in the clear after A-Camp - for a whole week I clucked sympathetically while I watched camper after camper wave the white flag on the internet at some godawful sickness that began felling victims at the tail end of camp - but I'd been warned that very few, if any, of the staff escaped the mountain unscathed. I was out of commission for a week, but I'm fine now. Shout out to the excellent timing of OITNB S2! Poussey had my back.


Before all that, when I still had all my wits and health about me, I decided to kidnap a certain super foxy tomboy for a surprise stay at the Cape. The Lighthouse Inn was practically giving away beachfront cottages, and it'd been months since the hardworking tomboy had a work-free weekend. Susan Miller said the stars were in our favor and who am I to refuse the poor, beleaguered Susan Miller and her words of tender and infinite wisdom? Nobody, that's who. Off we went.



You know how back home in the bay you can tell it's going to be a gorgeous day but you have to wait for the fog to burn off first? It does that here sometimes, just without Karl, which more or less explains the tights.


Fun fact: This tiny, tiny miniature of the Inn's real lighthouse, the West Dennis Light, is a little shower for rinsing off after a dunk in the ocean. It's adorable and next to a few shuffleboard decks, which we fully intend to take advantage of the next time we're out (which I wish was every other weekend May-October, alas). You might remember this B&B from last summer, when my BFF was out here visiting and we ran off for a seaside slumber party!

I'm wearing my Deans from Warby Parker's Spectrum Sun Collection. I don't know what it is about them, but especially paired with retro silhouettes they just give off such a classic glam vibe. Subdued, but there. (Plus, the sun-kissed honey color is perfect with my highlights, but the Olive color is beautiful as well).




It was very relaxing this time as well. Aside from a wedding party, it seemed we had all nine acres to ourselves and we just kind of ran amok on the beaches, lounged on deck chairs, chased actual beach bunnies, played the onsite mini golf, dug up as much dead sea vermin as we could find, and bopped around to my camp playlist in the cottage with a little fire going.


For a low-key dinner in Hyannis, I yanked the tights off and threw on a pair of chunky, open-toe sandals in a creamy cognac leather. Easy way to jazz things up a bit for nighttime with an outfit like this one. I fell hard for these scalloped linen shorts on Asos for summer - there's just so much you can do with them. I'll put the link to them down at the bottom of the post - they come in a ton of colors!



Collarless Blazer – H&M (similar here and here) | Striped Tank – similar here and with a leather trim hereScalloped Linen Shorts - Asos (and they're having a 25% off the brand sale right now!) | Suede Loafers - Dana Davis (similar here) | Dooney & Bourke Bucket Bag - Vintage | Bracelets - Madewell + Brandy Melville | 'Dean' in English Oak - Warby Parker  

Coming up next is a Tomboy Femme T-shirt from the Autostraddle Store for Pride Month. Guess what? THE ONLY THING THAT CAN MAKE YOU MORE HOMESICK THAN CHRISTMAS IS GAY CHRISTMAS. I miss everything about San Francisco in June. The flags all over the city, City Hall all lit up, the Pink Triangle, the drama, the month-long marathon of events or bust, the jubilant energy of visitors buzzing with excitement, the activism and heightened presence of our community, the outfits - oh, the outfits!

How are y'all celebrating Pride?