We're Home!

Hello there, strangers. I've returned from paradise or, as it's called, Isla Mujeres. Guess what else? I'm thirty years old today. How badly I'm wishing I was still on the birthday trip of a lifetime! It was incredible, y'all, we fell in love. My first time in Mexico and M's first time to this part of Mexico did not disappoint - everyone was friendly and gracious, the island and seas surrounding it were tremendously pretty) and oh-so restorative for one's mind and soul), our hotel was amazing - I could get used to being handed champagne in the lobby upon check-in, we discovered how peaceful and otherworldly snorkeling is (especially when it's a private boat and tour of the coral reefs, without a soul bossing you into a life jacket or refusing to let you drink beer whilst hanging off starboard by one skinny, sunburned arm), we were tripping over adorable feral cats and pups and wild iguanas the entire time, I rode a scooter all over the island in a bikini with M holding onto me for dear life, we ate better than kings, even, and we were truly beside ourselves when we had to leave it all behind and come back home.

Last but not least? It's, like, always happy hour there. I hope you enjoy the pics - I'll try and slap together another FFAF post or two from the trip, but honestly, we lost ourselves there in the best way and I can't promise anything but more of the below:

Our first morning! Fantastically warm, albeit a bit windy and overcast, but it cleared up by noon. Above, we're hanging out on our balcony in between breakfast and the rest of the day's journey via scooter to the southernmost tip of the island, where the national park, ruins, lighthouses, sculpture gardens and more await us. Below is our arrival to the island and some, uh, evening shenanigans!