Weekend Casual

Sometimes on the weekend you just throw on a pair of blanket-soft skinny jeans, a breezy camp shirt, some fuckoff heels, and then stomp around in a woodsy area (when you'd rather be on a boat, for instance). Don't forget the Everlane belt and Ray-Bans!

It was time for me to see my amazing optometrist (they can be amazing, I promise - just go to Eye Dare in SF!) once again this year, so off I went for my annual exam and to replenish my contact lens supply. I had the brilliant idea to request daily disposable samples for our upcoming road trip! Who wants to fuss with solutions and cleaning and soaking and waiting the requisite 6 hours min. during on top of everything else we'll be dealing with?! Not this lady. My doc hooked me up with two different brands and I'm hooked. It's so much more wasteful than monthly lenses but totally hassle-free. Wish I'd thought of it sooner for overseas vacations!

So triumphant with this big stick! Ridiculous. We realized we had no kindling for the fire (yes, it's still getting chilly enough for fires in the miserable fog zone), so we went and collected some nearby. Resourceful dykes. Just like that one time we threw a pile of matches onto a pile of charcoal and hoped for the best.

Accessories! I've got on my Lisa Galibardy necklace, Lori's Shoes leather and gold bracelet, and my braided leather "nudie girl" bracelet layered with a blush and copper braided bracelet from IndieMart. Also, a seafoam green ring from Crossroads and leather sandals from Seychelles. The jeans are Silence + Noise and the shirt is Hurley. I need a sleeveless one just like it!

I have to talk about this sad meal we had last night. We wanted to have dinner with a dear friend of ours and had been excited to try a new restaurant in the Mission, so we made reservations. Wo Hing General Store opened to rave reviews late last year, with a one-page menu of Southern Chinese street food-influenced items. Just this past April, Details magazine named it one of America's sexiest new restaurants! First, a few positives: I loved sitting at the handsome, spacious bar while we waited for the whole party to arrive. Everything smelled delicious. Our server was lovely and patiently answered our questions. The sommelier graciously brought me a delicious glass of Rosé after the first glass I ordered wasn't to my liking. The meal's pace was fine.

We started with a bowl of Westlake beef jook, like a rice porridge, which sounded wonderful given how freezing the gusts of fog outside had been. Perfect way to warm up for a good meal! But it was awfully bland yet also like being hit over the head with a brick of cilantro at the same time. M & our friend both found it mildly improved to "edible" by dumping soy and chili sauces and actual wontons from another appetizer (I'm getting there) in, but I couldn't get past being brutalized with cilantro and gave up.

The pork and shrimp wontons in chili bean sauce were outstanding. Bursting with flavor, so spicy, and tons of floppy, happy wonton to keep the proportions balanced. It made the rest of the meal confounding. The red Sichuan braised Niman Ranch beef brisket sounded wonderful but was also garishly lost in cilantro, had the consistency of mushrooms and tasted more boiled, less braised. The stir-fried Mary's chicken breast with baby ginger and yellow garlic chives was also a one-note wonder of ginger, ginger and more ginger and nothing else. The rice vermicelli with gulf shrimp and yellow garlic chives was the meal's buoy, not great but not bad, either. We dined upstairs, which isn't nearly as pretty as the downstairs area, and certainly not sexy. (What the hell, Details?!)

Thankfully, we skipped dessert and popped across the street to Bar Tartine, where they sat us in a little corner around an old secretary's desk to wait out of the cold for our table. For a moment things felt pleasantly and vaguely European, warm and happy and bathed in soft light, a low symphonic din of wonderful sounds - the clinking of glasses and silverware, music softening the edges of those metallic sounds and voices, quietly busy waitstaff, our own conversation. I don't think I've ever been so content to wait 30 minutes for dessert! Once seated properly, we lingered over fairly simple offerings with classic Tartine twists - Turo cheesecake with green and red strawberries, a smoky, salty chocolate torte - with champagne and port. It turned the entire evening around.

In other news, we packed six boxes today. Progress!