UPDATE: Puppies happily reunited with owners!

Meet "Max" as in Maximilian.

Last night an elderly, frantic neighbor knocked on our door (well, technically she sort of walked into the house, but that's beside the point) and presented us with these two lost little pups. Another neighbor told us an even smaller third pup had been seen with them earlier on, but even after we searched and searched everywhere, we couldn't find it. We walked all around the neighborhood, asking anyone if they'd ever seen the dogs (none had), and if not to please send anyone looking for two small dogs to our house, but nobody's come.

Meet Bruno.

Neither had name tags of any sort, but this one had the green tag, which only had a number for the vaccination clinic, which I called straight away. I left a message and 30 minutes later a helpful woman returned my call, saying she'd left a message with the most recently known owners. We both promised to call one another with any news, and I haven't heard from her since. We posted various LOST DOG notices online wherever we could, and decided to keep the buggers overnight, since the Humane Society was already closed and the only other option, per their recorded message, was some awful-sounding 24/7 kennel situation just outside a shelter. We'll make some paper notices and post them later on today.

These dogs are crazy! And by crazy I mean ridiculously t i n y, and they have made themselves 100% at home. The black one just curls up into whatever wee spot is open and generating the most body heat, and the red Pomeranian mix is a hyper, food-stealing ninja. They slept with the petite last night. I loathe tiny dogs, but these two are something else! They've been cracking us up since they walked in the door.

Poor things, I hope they are reunited with their owner (who had better be a wreck over losing these little guys!) - but if not, we're going to make sure we're contacted before the shelter does anything unfortunate, though I'm sure they'd be rescued by adoring new owners in a heartbeat, given half the chance.

Have y'all ever rescued an animal? If so, what was the outcome? We're still reeling from dealing with four dogs all at once!



PS. Those aren't their real names, but we had to call them something, right?

UPDATE: Hurrah! Dogs successfully reunited with their owner(s), just a few blocks away from us. Kids forgot to bring them into the house last night. Tsk! But a happy ending (and learning experience) for all. Our dogs, of course, are thrilled they're gone. HA!