Warm featherette.

Collages2009-10-0332009-10-0312009-10-032 CONFESSION: Last night I kidnapped M, took her out to a delicious Latin dinner at the Pisco Lounge in SF and for an overnight stay at the dizzyingly modern Hotel Vertigo. After practically dying over how delicious the tetilla tasted (a soft cow milk cheese from Galicia), I ordered Cuban slow-braised pork shoulder and chicken skewers drizzled with aji panca, and M had maji maji ceviche and the fig and goat cheese plate with pomegranate. We shared and sipped on the pisco sour and negroni, as well as their Mayfair Mule (209 Gin, sliced cucumber, ginger root, Pimms #1) and Santo Bendito (Tanqueray 10 Gin, St. Germain, lemon juice, Aria cava).

After getting settled into our swanky suite at the hotel, we headed a few blocks down to Rye Bar, where we each had one of their signature Vertigo cocktails, followed by a shot of their housemade, spiced rock 'n rye and an insanely WOW cocktail that they make called The Flash. We ran into a group of super friendly, awesome folks out on the open-air patio (though the interior was really well done and super pretty to look at, it was real warm and crowded indoors).

Our VIP venture into the Ambassador was slightly less awesome, despite the great decor and drinks, mainly due to the bizarre crowd and DJ (I don't ever, ever want to have to listen to Gloria Estefan at that decibel level, especially not hot on the heels of Madonna's Cherish). This wee and very enthusiastic blonde kept shouting, "You guys should have FUN! I'm married and have three kids and I'm having a blast! Come on, you guys, have some FUN!"

It turns out we had way more fun on the way back to the hotel, where we found a bottle of delicious cava and a place open late that sold hot, delicious pizza slices. We ran up to our room and gobbled down our pizza and stayed up until almost dawn and it was fantastic. (Take that, you giddy blonde!)