Walden Pond and the Audubon

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Ah, the stark white of New England winter. If you want to shipwreck your already broken heart against the ice-filled shores of another bleak December solstice, paralyzed for months at a time beneath a slab of grey marble sky as you helplessly watch the breath of your beloved float and then disappear into the kind of cold that presses like a knife against your frozen throat and whispers, "Keep walking," move to New England. Move to Maine! Or Montreal, even. So dangerous and pretty, all the ritual and fuss.



Today it snowed and didn't stick, but these were taken around Thanksgiving Day. My boss invited us to dinner, and on the drive to his new home a few towns away we saw a gorgeous pond with a few swans paddling around in it, the land around it beautifully dappled with snow, likely part of one of the Mass Audubon's many wildlife sanctuaries. I made a mental note to return and explore, and when we came back the dusting had become a full-on blanket of white.

1-Walden Pond FFAF-002



As we trekked around in our wildly inappropriate footwear, all I could think was how superior (and how much warmer!) it would be to explore on horseback. Needless to say, one of my top priorities in the New Year is going to be finding a way to reconcile my incredible new job with my love of riding, which has been on the back burner for the past few months. To make it to spring, I'll have to pull out all the stops - horses, pink sandy beaches for welcoming in 2015, a trip home in February.

I reckon drugs and fancy lamps would be easier and cheaper, but they sure don't sound as fun.


2-Walden Pond FFAF


I don't think I've ever stood on sand mixed with snow and still crispy fall leaves! Oh, Walden Pond, there's a first for everything. A few folks - locals, one imagines - stripped down and jumped in, howling and thrashing in the frigid water, and we promised ourselves we'd go back after a big fresh snow, in proper snow boots and waterproof coats, to stomp around on the pond once frozen.


This hunk of wood was a deep dark green, and looked almost like bone.



Close-up of an excellent vintage fox-hunting scarf that (I believe) I found at the South End treasure trove Bobby From Boston.



This is my new favorite skirt, from Modcloth! It's a fantastically heavy tweed in black and white, lined, it'd be hard to screw up an outfit with this as your anchoring piece. It's called the Vice Versatility Skirt and there are still two left! I paired mine with black tights and riding boots from Gilt, an easy black short-sleeved pullover knit top, also from Modcloth, and a velvet tuxedo blazer from Ralph Lauren (similar style at J. Crew here), and tucked the scarf into the skirt for a pop of color.


I'll do my best to squeeze in another post before I hop on a plane Friday and escape the weather, but if I don't see you before then have a wonderful holiday and the happiest New Year! I'll be back in the blink of an eye with a glance back at 2014, and of course some sun-soaked happiness from my winter vacation.