Valu Pack

Gather round, kittens, I've got a lovely fairytale to tell you on this night which feels like a night might if it were a paintbrush dipped into a brand new bucket of paint the color of Autumn. Ready?

Once upon a time, it was a real hot day in San Francisco. So hot, in fact, than an ordinary working girl had no choice but to wear a pair of perfect khaki Bermuda shorts in black, with a lightweight, loose-fitting top to work. With a pair of smart heels, of course. TRUE STORY. After successfully resisting the urge to skip away from her desk and to the beach on such a glorious day, the evening goal for this girl and her beloved was clear as a bell:


It didn't happen. Well, the fixins' were got, but everyone was plumb out of Pimm's No. 1. Terrible! We made do with some gin improvisation, and that was that. The end.

Shorts: Old Navy Top: Petticoat Pumps: Max Studio Bag: Betsey Johnson Earrings: Hoof & Horn Leather

More exposed skin. More blissfully hot days. More loverbird adventures in SF.

ON LOCATION: Safeway (top), Dolores Park (left), Baker Beach (right)

Tomorrow is our Friday, as we're gearing up for a relaxing three-day weekend in a coastal resort city one quick little plane ride away. Chasing the sun, as it were, since it's supposed to be in the low 70s and I can't bloody wait for the warmth and pampering and R&R. Here's to one last burst of sunny FFAF posts before we slip into Fall's pumpkin-and-spice embrace.

We'll need it before the following week arrives. Why is that? Well, because next week is super jam-packed with the following hotness:

In no particular order of importance (except #1, of course):

1. We will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! 2. Gossip Girl Season 4 begins. 3. Weekly fencing lessons continue. Our first was tonight and it was B O S S. 4. Super famous Tumblr Lesbians in SF debuts an all-new photo show at The Lex. 5. Ivan Coyote will swagger into the Mission for one blessed night.