It's not a contest!

This was my St. Patrick's Day outfit, and I haven't got a lick of green on (or under, you filthy-minded beasts), but I reckon my background counts for something. Plus, I'm drinking Jameson out of a massive Guinness pint glass, hoh-hoh-hoh! I know that counts! M & I were up real early yesterday morning, and when I say morning I mean MORNING: by the time we watched the sun rise we'd been up so damn long we couldn't be bothered to fuss over the blazing satsuma pink wave crawling over the dark, velvety eggplant of the South Bay hills. I was delirious pretty much all day long, but my hair looked damn good and my Merlot lips by Besame lasted for well over six hours without a single touch-up, so there is that.

However, by far the most relevant goings-on to report are as such:

My lips hate hate hate hate hate Chanel's Coco Rouge lipstick. I mean, I'll give it a another go this week (my shade was Cambon), but for a pretty pink pout that goes on smooth and leaves a nice, natural blush stain, I just might have to stick with Cargo's Plant Love in Maria. (You'd never think shades that look so red in the tube come out so much lighter on me.) In happier news, my new love affair with Laura Mercier's incredibly magical powder eyeliner is going to endure, I think, for all time. (Thanks for the tip, Bangs Are The New Black!) Good for sensitive, contact lens wearers like myself, just WOW. Last but not least, my No You Din't nail polish by Jeffrey Campbell came today. It's fantastic. A bold, no-nonsense red that just smirks my femme fatale is better than your femme fatale.

What? I can't help it. Besides, I don't want to.

Oh! I nearly forgot. I started a new job today! I'm moving into the world of travel as an editor and I'm thrilled to pieces! Who doesn't love travel porn, and traveling!? It makes me all dizzy and giddy just thinking of it.