Two Days, Two Shores

Welcome to Fort Funston!

It used to be a real live military fort until 1963, but now it's mostly known for being THE place to take your dogs off-leash, and besides, it's bloody gorgeous, isn't it? Our New England friend was astounded by the dramatic terrain and sights of all the hang gliders preparing to take flight where we descended a bajillion stories of uneven, sandy, log-and-cable-made steps to the beach. Such a long way down, but definitely worth it.

Once again, I forgot my camera (it was a kind of unexpected detour after brunch, after all - hence the suede heels!) so these are sub par cell phone photos, courtesy of our HTC EVOs. M was determined to find dead stuff, which she did (a HUGE dead bird, piles and piles of dead crabs), so she moved on to looking for live crabs. No such luck!

Tomboy + femme footwear. Hers are Asos brogues, mine are suede Franco Sarto pumps in maybe the most perfect shade of red I've ever seen. M discovered that her RSQ skinny jeans are way too snug for being doused with salt water, then a hike, but they sure look cute with her plaid Alfani shirt and vintage cardigan. I paired a Calvin Klein skirt with an old camisole and denim vest, plus an antique gold rope chain necklace M got for me recently. I also love the wrap dress our friend wore - such a bright, beautiful print!

The next day we drove along the Pacific Coast HWY to get to Half Moon Bay, and we were all very intrigued when we passed this cove. It's called Grey Whale Cove. It's also more widely known as Devil's Slide, and we decided to stop and explore it on the way home. It was another beach requiring quite a hike up and down many sets of wooden stairs (at least these ones are level).

Devil's Slide is also more locally/commonly known as a particularly terrifying stretch of the 1, where people plummet to their deaths in M's own personal worst nightmare, and terrible landslides that cause impossible road closures for days and days at a time. They're building a tunnel, but nobody's holding their breath because they've been at it for decades.

See that thing down there? It's what remains of an old military observation station last used in WWII. You can even hike up there, and I plan to before the year ends. It's goddamn awesome.

Lovely, no? We're also all ignoring the creepy nudist strolling around 25 yards or so behind us. As far as I can tell from the beach's official website, it's not that kind of beach! No idea what this giant concrete thing is, probably some sort of unfortunate drainage malarkey, but it looked like a good place to hide a dead body so naturally I went to check it out. M made me climb down (I'd been on that top ledge at first) and having discovered zero corpses, I made my way gingerly over a rusted, broken down wire fence and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off!

Running 'round the barnyard Fallin' in and out of love

Poor thing's blind as a bat Getting up falling down getting up My heart's runnin' round Like a chicken with its head cut off

I've got on some Banana Republic plants (sounds better than jeggings), a fun deer print top from H&M, and a vintage sweater from IndieMart. The black canvas + brown leather boots are by Seychelles, so comfortable and I love them. 6pm has 'em for cheap in all three color combos!

Pumpkin patch, rodeo, YES RODEO, pics coming soon! M is taking me TO THE GRAND NATIONAL RODEO tonight, surprise! They'll be announcing Miss Grand National and it happens to be "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" night, plus cowboy mounted shooting. Can't wait!