Truckee River

This is what it looks like when a sassy city girl leaves the big sparkling bay behind for 6,000 feet and then some of snowy mountain times. We zoomed from a bright, chilly San Francisco through the state's capitol and its too-hot suburbs all the way up to absolute heaven on earth in Tahoe City, North Lake Tahoe.

It was somewhere around 36°F.

These are my Silence + Noise skinny blacks, paired with a basic cotton v-neck tee from the Gap, and topped with a soft, cozy striped cardigan from Aerie. I gave it a little oomph with a vintage Gucci scarf, my Dolce Vita for Target boots, some vintage chains and Freebird for The Sak bag. Bracelets from Banana Republic and my BFF. The Dollywood foxtail stayed with me throughout the weekend, and was the only way the tomboys were able to keep track of me on the slopes!

After all the wide-eyed road tripping we did, we were famished when we finally got to town. We saw this cute little pizza shack with its train sign and old-timey truck parked out front, and I made M double-back so that we could check it out. Fleetwood Mac came on when we walked in. The pizza wasn't bad, they had Modelo Especial on tap and also served carnitas and fish tacos. The best part by far was how it was perched over the Truckee River, which was incredibly beautiful just before sunset, perfectly still and softly framed with snow.

However, we learned rather quickly that our footwear was lacking. For some reason, I thought these boots had some sort of tread on them. They didn't. M thought her fancy new boots had tread on them. They didn't. Did we end up spending nearly $100 on proper snow boots on our recent trip? OF COURSE WE DID. If we hadn't, we would have ended up cracking our little heads on the concrete.

Side note: I still insisted on wearing a pair of heels out to dinner on Saturday night, and didn't break my face. Hurrah!