Tres leches, bullets and orchids.

dsc02397 dsc02470 dsc02421 dsc02414 dsc02374 When: Tuesday, Feb. 3rd 2009.

What: Floral print blouse by Chelsea Flower (there at, here at, crocheted blush shrug from She's, pants from Laundry by Shelli Segal. Boots by Lamica, leather clutch by Hobo Int'l. Assorted handmade and boutique necklaces, close-up of 9mm and .30-30 lipstick bullets below!

Scent: Prada's impossible-to-obtain Cuir Ambre, an intoxicating, bullish leather and amber scent. Naturally, it makes me think of sex, as most leathers do. There is something different to this one, perhaps because of the soft, almost powdery amber note. Restraint, surrender, smoke. Old-fashioned danger, expensive makeup, eyelashes knelt in black and white obeisance. It's delicious and the notes are: russian leather, amber neroli, coriander, cinnamon, clove, musk mallow, carnation, rose, jasmine absolute, iris absolute, sandalwood, oakmoss, heliotrope, vanilla, patchouli, though you'd hardly know it.

*Scent Note: Nearly four hours later, the feminine reigns superior. The rough, almost violent rigor of leather has completely submitted to the more feminine melody of above-mentioned notes. Amazing. It's still there, it's just softened, sweetened.

Confession: I've eaten a massive slice of Tres Leches cake from Market Hall Bakery for breakfast. It's leftover from a friend's birthday celebration last night and it is delicious. The rain is in some sort of dress rehearsal before the real thing comes, at last, and this morning before the sun went away I noticed that an orchid I thought was long dead has bloomed! It's got lovely, sharp petals in the same shade of orange as safety cones.

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