Tomboy Love

When she reads this it'll be the first time she heard it, but when we were shopping for a dress shirt and tie for M to wear on Thanksgiving, she came over to me (I think I was tenderly stroking and sighing over a plethora of leather gloves at the time) with an armful of choices and combinations, and very sincerely asked me for my opinion. I put the gloves down, redirected my focus and firmly gave her my even, thoughtful opinion.

Two things I absolutely love about us: No sugarcoating. Not ever. No gingerly dancing around, no tiptoeing on eggshells or wincing through broken glass. We call it like we see it. It isn't a carte blanche to be unkind, not at all, but it's beautifully honest and good grief, does it ever save us some time. Less pussyfooting, more cuddling!

That's one thing, ranging from simple things like sartorial choices to the most deafening life choices, but there it is. The other is that we're both terribly independent, hard-headed and stubborn, and in that vein M has always been the sort of gentleman to dress herself, and well. She knew instinctively which choice was best; when I pointed to the superior shirt-and-tie pair she nodded vigorously in agreement.

Alas, she hadn't been 100% sure and wanted to know what I thought. Her extremely rare uncertainty made the whole thing 84,000 times more sweet and endearing. Anyway, it all turned out well, didn't it? This getup is smart and woodsy and casual all at once. Somebody hand her a pipe and a hunting dog already.

(You are welcome for the gratuitous crotch shot. That's some belt buckle.)

Dancing around in my Grandma's secret garden. It was bloody cold back there!

Denim: RSQ London Shirt: Calvin Klein Tie: Ralph Lauren Wool Blazer + Tie Clip: Vintage Belt Buckle: Express Shoes: Zara

Chauncey the Terrible! Piano times! Mussy-sikking! This concludes both parts of our Thanksgiving Day extraordinaire. Back to regularly scheduled FFAF, with an exciting holiday dress challenge posed by a devout reader and darling friend. If I had to title it, it would be:

"I know my extensive tattoos are tremendously gorgeous works of body art, but I also like to accessorize and I've got this amazing green party dress for the holidays. Help me work it!"

The dress is really adorable and I can't wait to dig into this little project!