To the Sea

01-P2860416 There are no words to adequately compress the awesomeness of my recent Cape Cod jaunt into one post. It was too good. Whether it was the historic B&B or the perfect, bathwater-temp Nantucket Sound water, the overnight getaway with my BFF was perfection. The sea was more than 70°F when we arrived (and rose to around 77°F the next day). We were deliriously happy.


A strange thing we found in the sand. The BFF dubbed it a "sea elk." Sure looks like it!

03-P2860447 04-P2860406

We arrived after an afternoon in Plymouth, which is really cute and has lots of neat things to look at. The BFF wanted to stop and check it out, and that sounded good to me since I've only ever taken a whale tour out of the place, and followed it up with a lobster shack visit.

We caught an interesting talk about the Plymouth Rock guessed it, Plymouth Rock, and then took a tour of the Mayflower 2, a really well-done reproduction of the original currently undergoing a much-needed restoration. They've got costumed guides who do a very good job of explaining what life was like aboard the ship way back when. After all of that (and a pop-in to the quaint little souvenir shops), we grabbed lunch at an Italian place over the water for lunch. So good!




The drive from Plymouth to the Lighthouse Inn in West Dennis was an hour, tops. The family-run place is adorable, with ten or so buildings scattered across nine oceanfront acres that house the only privately owned, privately maintained working lighthouse in the country! It's got a private beach, tons of on site activities, and the amazing Bob Poranski on the keys for your dining pleasure a few nights a week. When that fails, you can walk a few steps to The Sandbar, where you can listen to "beach rock." It's just a gorgeous, quintessentially Cape place to relax.

Also, I think it's the first time I've ever seen a proper Jaws banana boat in person! Didn't have the guts to take it out, though.


That's our little Breezeway cottage, and we could see the ocean from our room and porch!

I'm wearing an Addison Story dress that hasn't been on since we were in snowy Vermont, a Kate Spade Idiom necklace, and pile of bracelets. Nothing else, because it's the Cape! Also?! Time, the eternal river. Here we are, enjoying the last bits of summer before fall...


My BFF and I have been inseparable for 20 years of life's ups and downs, and are as close as any sisters could be. She flew out here to stay with us a for a week and we hadn't seen each other since we were back in SF in January. It was her first time seeing our new home and Boston! We'd start our days with coffee (from Oakland), gabbing as we got ready, going on adventures and exploring the town, and then unwinding at night (well, mostly - there were a few epic nights out!). Even though we had her for one extra day (thanks for the flight snafu, United), it didn't feel like enough time together, but we'll be reunited on our trip back home in October.

It was a perfect, fantastic week. And in the meantime, we'll keep trying to get her to move to the East Coast!