Time Travel

dancetops Let's go into the way-back machine, because in it I am wearing the exact outfit R29 demands of me on Day 16 - so convenient!

Day 16: "Off-the-shoulder beauts like this could be paired with something fancy...but we like them with cutoffs a whole lot more." 

I still have this particular top, though the shorts and shoes have since bitten the dust. It's from a brand called Chelsea Flowers, which may or may not even be around anymore. The shorts were Miss Me and they've since taken out full page ads in big fashion rags, and the pretty-in-pink suede pumps were Franco Sarto - still a solid brand in my book, when you can find the cute stuff that isn't dowdy. Paired with a little vintage belt and green beaded necklace, though the rocky, colorful one is Banana Republic, I think.

This was the summer of '09, the summer we moved from Oakland to SF, and the year Obama signed a bill taking our beloved brand of cigarettes away. Thanks, Obama*! What a blessing in disguise. Smoking is godawful, and like any recovering smoking addict, the smell of it nowadays makes me sick, sick, sick. Anyway, I'd just gotten a sassy new haircut with some sort of side-bang action. Cute!

I'll be back tomorrow with a vintage plaid shirtdress from Bobby From Boston...stay tuned.


*Apparently, I am a tiny old lady who doesn't know her memes. M read this and said "So rude!" and I was like, "What are you on about?" and she said "Thanks, Obama!" all snarly and I said, "But what's wrong with that?" and she made me look it up. I didn't mean it like that! It was earnest, honest.