Three Things

Announcing a departure from the usual style-centric posts! See that love note up there? OK, it's a breakup note, but still. It's been a crazy week here, and we're only at Wednesday. Thankfully, things have simmered down, and I hope the rest of March is merciful. At least we're wrapping it up with a posh ski weekend in Woodstock, Vermont. I hope there's still some nice snow left for us!

Part of the chaos is M's lightning quick transition to a new startup here in Boston. She's been with her company since 2004, and it's been a good run, but she's ready for something new and exciting. Nothing sums up the change - motive and end result - better than those goldfish up there. Guess which one M is?

We knew change was coming, but honestly neither of us expected it to happen so quickly! Just a few weeks ago we talked about it being as far out as October or November, April at the nearest, but the new opportunity was too good to pass up. So wish her luck - she's got a few weeks to wrap things up before her new start date, and there will be no time for R&R in between.

So, in all the dizzying stress and heady, "Is this really happening?" relief, I thought a recent post at A Cup of Jo (I love her) about being mindful of one's gratitude was lovely. I'm not normally one to partake in cheesy, sappy exercises having to do with feelings, but why not stop, let your breath catch up to you, and think about it a minute? Science says it makes you happier!

In no particular order, I'm grateful for this printed dress from Duro Olowu for JCP. It's on preorder so not quite in my hot little hands yet, but two skirts from the collection arrived today and they're awesome! Full and with a nice heft to the material, and the prints are just so happy. We had some tentative springlike weather today - sunny skies, 50 degrees - and they're going to be perfect for the bright days just around the corner. (Which I will be exceedingly grateful for once they are here in earnest.)

Leopold's is delicious. While I am not grateful that my mama didn't hand down her beautiful hazel eyes to me, I am endlessly grateful that she failed to pass on her inability to hold her gin. Can you imagine? Awful. Apparently, my grandma was a big gin drinker, too, so it must have skipped right over her daughter and onto me, then! Thank you, Grandma Jones! (Boy, I wonder what she'd say about our high-falutin' gin concoctions if she were still around.)

Most of all, I'm grateful that I get to hunker down with my girls at the end of the day, every day, and that they are both so wonderful. There is a Dutch word with no English equivalent, Gezelligheid. It means the comfort and coziness of being at home, with friends, with loved ones, or general togetherness. Isn't that delightful? For me, the petite gets smarter and lovelier with every day, and if she were a little bird she'd be shaking out her wings and just starting to figure out how to work them. If they are as fantastic as this at fifteen, I know she's just going to blow us away when she's older. And M is somehow both my total equal, my wicked and beloved partner-in-crime, and someone who inspires me and who I learn from always.

Of course, life and work and obligations outside of gezelligheid exist and pull rank, but we'll always have it in spades. Now if I could only figure out how to properly pronounce it...

Sweet dreams, kittens!