These boots are gonna walk all over you.

dsc09225 dsc09258 When: Tuesday, Dec. 30th, 2008. What: Over-the-knee black Italian leather boots from Lamica, by way of the wonderful Lori's Designer Shoes in Chicago, IL. Most amazing romper with gold sequins and bronze leather earring by Brooklyn's Idyllic4U Couture. Sequin headband and misc. bracelets from Glow on Lakeshore Ave. in Oakland, CA.Scents: Pillow Of Flowers by Parfums d'Armando Martinez, an aldehyde, goes on smelling like fancy milled soap and bushels of lilac. It's kind of exactly how you want your freshly made bed to smell right before you climb into it, squeaky clean. I want to dirty it up immediately. It stays consistent through the dry down, but the bouquet of white florals - tuberose, jasmine - gradually unfurls. It's very lovely.

Annayake Pour Elle starts seductively, coquettish. It reminds me instantly of the tomboy chasing me around the pub table. Then, rather suddenly, it darkens and stays there, clinging all sullen and sharp to my wrist. The description is as follows: "The vivid, fresh notes reveal the peaceful plant world of Japan. They blend with soothing, comforting notes of tea and precious woods. For a fulfilled woman in perfect harmony with herself." It barely softens over time.

Confession: This is the foundation of my This is what I'd wear if I had NYE plans outfit, i.e. How tragic is it to not be in the Brooklyn lezzie basement tomorrow night!? These are also my super brand new reasonable flat boots, which the tomboy helped me to find last week. They are pretty amazing: comfortable, they smell so good, they fit me perfectly and the wonderful folks at Lori's gave me a whopping 25% off the asking price! I love them lots and look forward to wearing them with actual, you know, pants.

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