The Tease U.K.

Here's a tiny little teaser from our recent travels across the United Kingdom and beyond! Judging from the sticker M's wearing, this is from London Pride - which was really bloody fantastic. M's delightful handmade bowtie is from the fine folks over at Me & Matilda. It's her second from them and I think pairing it with the shirt she's got on is perfect, what with the navy stitching on the buttons and pocket.

Who can pick out these sights from London? We were blessed with fantastic weather in all three cities, but especially in London, as you can see. Not unlike San Francisco, it's one of those huge metropolises a person can live in forever and still get lost in. As a tourist, you really just have to do your best to choose to go with the flow, slow down and drift on the winds of spontaneity.

By the time we left, we were already experts at taking the tube around!

The world's largest and most glorious assemblage of scotch, the Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection at none other than The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh, Scotland. Incredibly beautiful. Moving, even.

I adored this whisky barrel wall hanging at the museum. There's a guard standing outside of the Edinburgh Castle and of course, there are M & I taking a wee nip from our hip flask whilst out and about. The hotel's stock of whiskys at the minibar was more than sufficient to keep us all topped up during our stay.

The Emerald Isle. Wondrously lush green and rich, peaty waters streaming through the Dublin mountains, where our family friend was kind enough to take us for the day. He even brought a bottle of Irish whiskey with him! We opened up the sunroof, sang along to The Pogues and took a hike down to a gorgeous, secluded river. We watched as flocks of sheep and herds of deer fled from us, then stopped on a dime to turn and mirror our curious stares. A few even approached us, but never got close enough to touch. Mostly, we breathed in the beautiful scent of fern and wild heather and peat all mixed up, and thanked our lucky stars.

More to come and soon, I promise!