The Slow Lane

Sometimes we take time from our busy, fast-paced city life to ease into the slow lane, where the neighbors are quiet and polite (or best of all, nonexistent), the food takes its sweet time coming to the table, and everything is lovely. Yes, even if it's storming out. Most recently, it took us to the Russian River Valley in the wine country. Specifically, to Guerneville. More specifically, to Korbel Champagne Cellars for a tour of the grounds and gardens, and a champagne tasting.  Don't we look snug? That's because the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy the visit.

Look at all that stuff! We did not realize how old Korbel was, nor about the trio of brothers from Bohemia, with their Bohemian brides, and all the scandal and intrigue and Wasp-y newsletters, etc. It's a pretty interesting history, and while Korbel isn't edging out cava or champagne from France anytime soon, their organic Brut and Blanc de Noir reserve aren't half bad! They certainly came in handy back at our rustic cabin, pairing nicely with the fancy cheese plates from Boon's.

Sometimes we eat. Sometimes we eat A LOT:

I'm getting ahead of myself! The gardens! They were really very pretty, with some varieties of roses over 200 years old or something incredulous like that. Take a little stroll with us, won't you? Try not to pick up random things on the ground and eat them, like the tomboy does. It worries me.

Sometimes we cuddle and sometimes the tomboy just looks too bloody adorable and NOM-worthy for her own good, don't you think? I guess this is a good place to tell you where she got the scratchy wool coat at, it was the military surplus store in San Jose, which has rock bottom prices. The jeans are Sevens and the shoes are the same Marc Ecko ones you've seen before.

Y'all? We expected sunshine and LOTS of it this weekend (this being Mother's Day weekend, which is where all these photos are from), but we had a single day of light and then the storm came. My Oleg Cassini weekender bag and I were beside ourselves, considering the fact that I'd packed 84,000 sundresses and little else. Good thing I was able to assemble this backup outfit for inclement weather.

PANTS: Silence + Noise (I think officially these are "jeggings", which might make my page views plummet wildly. I apologize.) COTTON LEOPARD PRINT TANK IN NUDE: Elie Tahari CARDIGAN: Kersh Essentials (Costco, basically.) SHOES: Madden Girl BAG: Emilie M. NECKLACE: Betsey Johnson

This concludes your getaway weekend with Skinny + M! We hope y'all have fantastical Memorial Day weekend plans. Tonight is our Friday, so we have a lovely four-day weekend planned in which there will be Ethiopian food, a great deal of bloodshed and hopefully heart at UFC 114, the world premiere of Beautiful Child, a musical set to the staggeringly gorgeous music of Rufus Wainwright (there will be OUTFITS), homemade strawberry sangria, and who knows what else?! Perhaps there will even be some sun.