The New Spiked Collar

Another day, another fancy hairdo! I don't know what's gotten into me, but I suppose I figure with so many easy, quick, beautiful styles out there, why get stuck in a rut? This is a twist on a tutorial I saw somewhere online, but it's basically a teased and gussied-up take on a plain Jane ponytail.

I've had this dress for a little while. It's probably quite ancient Banana Republic (as I can't remember ever being able to squeeze into a Size 0 with them). I found it at a thrift store, loved the length, loved the industrial sheen on the grey silk, loved the drama of the neckline, which is clearly covered up here with a plain sweater in a darker grey shade (it was either thrifted or from a clothing swap, I can't quite remember). I wanted to take something terribly fancy and make it a bit more casual!

Those soft pink cherry blossoms are in bloom right out in our front yard! I've already clipped down a few branches to brighten things up indoors, too. They were very key in my deliciously sweet Valentine's Day spread earlier this week!

The late afternoon sun was too tempting not to take advantage of. So soft and dreamy.

The accessories definitely stole the show in this ensemble, from the hair to the Eleven Objects collar to the sweet-in-the-front, deadly-in-the-back heels. I can't remember where I got this hair comb, but it's terribly old. The black floral ring (which I love) was stolen from the tomboy's things, and she thinks it was from Urban Outfitters. The silver and crystal stunner is from Made Her Think. I'm very excited for the newest addition to my jewelry cabinet, a silver stingray claw ring with druzy agate by Lauren Wolf, which I first admired in its case at San Francisco's delightful Paxton Gate well over a year ago. So glad it'll finally be mine!

The earrings and shoes (which you'll see in just a bit) were a Christmas gift from M, and we both love that they are a bit creepy, like metallic fish skeletons. Both shoes and earrings are BCBG. The thornedcuff resting in a crook is also Made Her Think, and the sunglasses are Tommy Hilfiger. The collar is exquisite - white and black satin stripe with lace overlay and crystal embroidery. I'm still figuring out how to wear it - I know that dear Laia's answer to this would be "With everything, you foolish girl!" and I can only hope to get there one day!

The shoes are amazing. I mean, M couldn't have picked a more perfect pair. In the back, from the top of the ankle to the very bottom of the heel, the supple black leather is covered in a spine of extremely shark spikes and studs, very femme fatale. I've heard it told that one gets the impression I oughtn't be messed with, and I imagine it's doubly true when I'm wearing these babies! Even I'm afraid of someone getting hurt when they're on.

What's happened since I've posted last? So much exciting stuff! I started volunteering with an incredible organization you might have heard of - Miss Representation! I'm loving the work, and it's been refreshing to spend time in their offices so close to the ocean! I cannot even begin to describe how lucky I am that they're based here. It's such an honor and everyone is amazing; whip-smart, positive and so friendly.

I'm also an unofficial official femme camp counselor of sorts for the extremely thrilling Best Lesbian Almost-Summer Camp Ever: Camp Autostraddle in April 2012! Registration opened on Valentine's Day and as of this morning, was fully booked up! It's going to be fantastic. I'll be speaking on panels and encouraging femme skill-sharing and can't say too much else yet but I am hoping to meet some of you there because we're going to have a blast.

What else? A few new books on the reading list:

  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (for a new book club I'm in - yes, I'm in two now!)
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz (our original book club)
  • A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway (M & I are reading it together for fun)
  • After Claude by Iris Owens
That's all for now! I hope you people have good stuff planned for the long weekend - we're burrowing in and enjoying a blessedly clear calendar. Here are a few more photos, enjoy!