The Monday before the rest of our lives.

dsc04859 dsc04861 dsc04866 When: Monday, Nov. 3rd, 2008.

What: Green rayon blouse with the wee rosette neckline by Persaman, classic straight corduroy pants by Ralph Lauren. Navy patent heels by Nine West. Studded belt and green bead necklace are thrift store finds.

Confession: I forgot that half the point of this confession section was to tell you all about the fantastical deals I find. Dumb, dumb, dumb! So, these pants? $90 on the website, and $25 at COSTCO. That's right, Costco, home of the two-gallon milk pack, freebies galore and massive home entertainment set-ups on the cheap. Mine also has Smashbox and Sonia Rykiel perfume. Also? I am appx. 10 minutes away from a Nine West outlet, and while I am not the biggest fan of their fit, they serve their purpose. Do you know why I love these pants? Because they feel like a comfy pair of sweats. A comfy pair of sweats that I can wear to work and still look more pulled together than 99% of the sad sacks that I work with. Everybody wins, and by that I mean I win.