The Hemlock

There's a 23-acre reservation along the Charles River in our town named the Hemlock Gorge. It's a really picturesque and serene area, and within walking distance from the very first home we put an offer on here. I also looked at another house situated on a hill next to Echo Bridge (which you'll see a bit later on in the post), but it was an odd beauty riddled with a few too many issues for our comfort - oil heat, dangerous parking, a flattened and strange layout. But it had tremendous views of Hemlock Gorge, which made it hard for me to walk away from.

M had never seen it before - it was when I was left behind here in April to take care of business with the first offer and then continue house-hunting - so it was fun to point it out to her and get her opinion of it in real life. She thought it was a beast! It did go up in the 1980s and not the 1880s, like most of the homes around it, and was sort of pressed up against a steep incline, but I wish she could have seen the beautiful backyard, just for kicks!

Ah, the house hunt. Mental note to write some sort of Things To Know guide for FFAF readers soon.

You can hardly make it out, but I wish you could clearly see (and hear!) the wee spot where the water falls down over a dam near those white buildings. It was so lovely! I can't tell what the weather looks like in these pictures, but we're still enjoying the odd warm day out here, hence this diaphanous silk Myne dress topped with little more than a Zara leather jacket and a pair of a Seychelles sandals. It was beautiful out, and after exploring the Gorge we hit up a million yard sales and then picked up a ton of autumnal stuff at a local market where a grasshopper landed in my hair and I decided that was QUITE enough for the day.

This weekend our adventures will take us a bit farther out. Out-of-state, in fact, through New Hampshire to our getaway destination of Portland, Maine. We booked a pretty little room right on the harbor and I'm so excited! Our road trip cross-country did something permanent to me, and now I just can't wait to get back in the car and drive and drive and drive, even with our crazy mutts in tow.

The scenery should be absolutely stunning. I have high hopes for the coastlines in Maine, perhaps they'll have a little of that special violence the Northern California coast has in spades. Gimme your tips and recommendations! I'm not sure if we'll get to skip over into Vermont, but I'd love that. Perhaps it'll have to wait for snow and ski weekends, though. We'll see!

Not a whole lot else to cover w/r/t this outfit. The print is so bold against a barely-there blush background that I didn't want to clutter it up with a ton of accessories, so it's just a glittery manicure and my Lauren Wolf druzy ring for added dark sparkle. You'll see that the high slits at the sides flash a whole lot of leg with the slightest rustle of wind, so this dress has a lot going on and doesn't need anything else competing for attention!

Even my hair is more subdued than I usually wear it, just air-dried and brushed with a bit of gloss to tame flyaways and add some shine.

That's it for now, hope everyone has fun and safe weekends ahead as well!



PS. Echo Bridge, some tomboy/femme action, and a little leg.