The Golden West

P2690635 It was just last month that we were back home in SF, and then BAM! today M booked another flight out for March, because jobs are bossy sometimes. Up there in that photo we are reveling in the nighttime view from our hotel room downtown. We'd just returned from Oakland, from dinner and drinks with pals we missed.


Palm trees! I've got a little story for you. A friend of ours in the South Bay found me the other week, talking about "Oh, I know you've moved away, but it's your old stomping ground so what should we do in Oakland?" Specifically, she was interested in Jack London Square - which has plenty of palm trees, too, you see - and I wrote for seven long and feverish paragraphs before I forced myself to stop (for her sake).

SF Jan 2013-001

My typing had bled into Old Oakland, Lake Merritt, Uptown, Temescal, and my mind was galloping pages ahead of me into Rockridge and Piedmont, swinging over to Grand Lake, then to and quickly away from Fruitvale, because you don't just send a pack of white lesbians out there unaccompanied and without a word of caution or two, not even for out of this world taco trucks. It's just we've loved one another well, Oakland and I. Oakland fits me like a glove, like an old friend, like a perfectly broken in leather jacket, and I miss it sometimes. It's familiar in a way you long to go back to, or at least every now and then I do. You don't find and lose and find yourself all over again in a place that many times without handing over an enormous piece of your heart.

(Is this what homesick sounds like? To me it's just like love.)

SF Jan 2013

And way back on Christmas morning, M watched as I opened a gift from her - a really beautiful watercolor map of Oakland - and cried. It was so pretty and so perfect, looking at it feels like a heart breaking and being hugged all at once. It's framed in weathered grey wood on the living room wall, floating in a sea of paint we picked out named "Distance," like in the line from Joy Division's Transmission, which is just as good a way as any to end this story, I think.

SF Jan 20131

That first night we slept and awoke quietly in the morning to magnificent, clear blue bay views. It was awhile before we were expected at my mom's, so we ordered room service, refused to put on pants, and gulped in the sky like happy little guppies.

Side note: That soft grey polka dot button-down up there is from Target and will go with absolutely everything this spring. I probably saw it on my way to get more cat litter and thought, "Perfect with black skinnies, perfect over a bikini, perfect tucked into a big, full yellow skirt, perfect with cut-offs...just grab it!" I did the same with an anchor-print chambray I randomly spotted at Old Navy, and it's super cute, too.

P2690823 P2690990

Eventually, we got out of bed and got dressed. (Incidentally, this skirt is also from Target, and the only reason I got is 'cause PUPPIES. I couldn't resist.) The crystal necklace is Brooks Brothers, if you can believe that, and the belt is from J. Crew. I paired it with a Ryan Tank from Everlane because they are great and I definitely need to stock up for warmer weather. I am trying desperately to remember where those greige flats are idea. I'm sorry! They are stupid comfortable despite my freakishly high arches.

SF Jan 20132

Still in love with the polka dot calf hair Madewell purse I'm wearing here (also a Christmas gift from the tomboy), and I have a vintage bow bracelet mixed in with a chunky one from JewelMint, and an Island of Tortuga bracelet from Kiel James Patrick (whose methods of selecting winners for their contests eludes and fascinates me).

SF Jan 20135-001SF Jan 2013-003

It was gonna be a scorcher out in the 'burbs where my mama lives, so this was just something comfortable and casual I threw on for our visit, which was lovely and just what the doctor ordered.

The next day my BFF popped over to our hotel so that we could sneak in some time together. With M stuck in bed, she & I took a breezy stroll to the Ferry Building, where we fawned over the plethora of local goods, chattering away the whole time. When we got back we piled into bed, tuned into the 49ers game, and gorged ourselves on Cowgirl Creamery, Acme Bread, El Porteno Empanadas, confections from Miette, and some bubbly. (There's more I'm sure, but that's all I'm confessing to!)

SF Jan 2013-006 P2700273 P2700286  SF Jan 2013-004 P2700263


Hope you enjoyed the trip back home as much as I did! More soon, kittens!