Happy Birthday, FFAF!

01-P2760647 Well, my friends, it's been five eventful years, can you believe it? Listen, I have an announcement to make.


Five years ago yesterday, this blog and I started on a journey with the purpose of building a femme presence - that is, a much-needed lesbian presence - in the online community of style blogs. Not only has that community been well established and since flourished like mad, I've made truly lovely friends in the flesh the world over, become involved with the Femme Collective and Femme Conference, and collaborated with incredibly talented peers at places like Autostraddle, DapperQLesbians in SF, LG in DC (formerly Can I Help You Sir?), Queer Fat Femme, Qwear, and more. We've seen a handful of sponsored posts, with online retailers such as Tulle and Modcloth, and a few times the blog was even nominated for an award!


We've both become better photographers, better dressers (hey, this lounging-around-the-house outfit doesn't count!), and better people throughout the life of Fit for a Femme.

It's seen us through our brief engagement, getting married, the addition of two new pets, and an adventurous cross-country move, to say the least. I guess in that respect, while it's always had a focus on style, it ultimately shifted into also being a bit of a lifestyle blog as well.


On the other hand, I'm keenly aware of the fact that I rarely delve too far deeply into our personal lives - you won't find me discussing our work or our relationship or our family in great detail. I generally try to keep things breezy and light around here.



Like with toy sharks, for instance.


Or Gunny! Gunny's not a serious little fella at all.


(He wants me to tell you that he is, in fact, VERY serious always, and that his humans are needy, ignorant food machines who won't let him run free outside.)


But this news is kind of a big deal.

Way back in March, after quite a lot of soul-searching and hand-wringing over a new career (as well as a great deal of encouragement from besties and loved ones), I took a leap of faith and landed with my heels planted firmly on the ground of a full-service style agency here in Boston.

It's been, in a word, incredible. I love, love, love working with my clients and making fashion accessible for them. My colleagues are all gifted and knowledgeable and gorgeous and kind, my boss is a fantastic mentor and the work is 100% addictive - in a good, I-just-can't-get-enough way. I couldn't be happier and I couldn't have done it without FFAF.


Exactement! That's you, dear readers, and everyone else who's been along for the ride and supported this over the years. Thank you!


I'll still be here, and periodically blogging over at the new job as well. And if you're in New England and need a hand whipping your closet into shape or finding your new look, you know where to find yours truly.



PS. Because I cannot possibly omit the details, here they are: Max Studio heavy ponte legging, Zara organic striped sweater , Ralph Lauren oxford (similar), Kate Spade Idiom necklace, vintage hair barrette, Bulova rose gold and diamond watch, Pencey 'Ringo' boots.

Also super into this new Dark Khaki nail varnish from Jack Wills. It's so glossy and almost black, and appears to be quite resistant to chipping and wear.