The Femme Corner

FFAF is still on vacation, but wanted to make sure y'all had something to tide you over.

Welcome to my femme corner! In the femme corner, fancy lingerie hangs from fancy Anthropologie fixtures that emulate the gilded whispers of antlers hung on a wall. A glass contains exclusively Besame liners, eye and lip, and a Sharpie for notes. Antique silver trays keep all manner of hair ornaments in check, as well as a neat stack of eyeshadow quads. (M has no idea what an eyeshadow quad is, by the way.) A beautiful old letterpress tray has been lovingly repurposed to house dozens of pairs of earrings.

A butch-smelling candle (tobacco, bergamot) sits beside a pair of bold blue geometric earrings and a giant poof that distributes very finely milled sparkle to anything it touches. The femme corner is home, and the reach of it stretches out warmly in soft, purring concentric waves, the way femme is wont to do.

Remember all that fuss about a dresser? Here it is, only half-finished. The bird-shaped drawer pulls were back-ordered and just arrived yesterday, before these were taken. One's little tail had broken off in transit so it's got to wait even longer to be complete, but it's come along.

I found these enormous hanging canvas cubbies at a home boutique in Oakland awhile back. The moment I laid eyes on it in the store, I knew they'd be perfect for storing my smaller purses and bags. I was right! I centered two of them above the dresser, so that the attached hooks lining the bottom of each cubby could be used for hanging necklaces in organized, eye-pleasing way. I love how it worked out, and I've so far managed to keep clutter off the top of the dresser by adding a small lamp, and places for my awesome BIRD ON IT accessory-holders.

The birdcage on the left holds bracelets, the tree branch in the center holds daintier necklaces and rings, and the birdbath on the right holds all my small vials and decants of perfumes. Sunglasses and the larger perfume bottles get placed on these adorable "Free To Be" embroidered cloths I found for mere dollars apiece, to protect the dresser's surface.

Now getting dressed at home is just as lovely as an afternoon shopping in a boutique! This was a casual, sunny weekend outfit for running errands and whatnot.

Shorts, Tunic: Free People Denim Shirt: Vintage Pumps: Novela Bikini: Anthropologie