The Dangerous Wife

2009-11-12 1 CONFESSION: Gah! Too busy, kittens, for a proper confession! So much excitement and busyness. Not only does FFAF have an exciting new partnership with a delicious new partner, I am party-planning for work and up to my ears in laundry. The latter is not so exciting, unless you consider that it contains FIVE NEW DRESSES I got earlier this week whilst thrifting, all for between $3-$8 apiece, all fabulous. Two remind me of French 1940s dresses, one is a ruffled black velvet number handmade of AWESOME, the Mad Men-esque sheath dress I keep teasing y'all about and one other that I can't quite Basically, I'm assuring you that I'll make up for this wan week very shortly.

Enjoy this entry and my soothing hallway in meantime, and have a fantastic weekend!