Thar She Blows!

03-P2870391 Welcome to Be Styled, a new blow dry salon in Chestnut Hill. The area has undergone and continues to undergo a huge makeover, bringing popular joints like Shake Shack (their crinkly fries and I had some beef at first, but we're cool now), Madewell, a cupcake bar, Jonathan Adler (coming soon) and a posh movie theater with cocktails made to order and delivered to your fancy leather reclining seat. (Milk and cookies are also an option, as reported by the petite when she went with her friends to see some kind of 1D malarkey.)



Confession: I've never actually been to a blow dry salon before. I'm pretty darn adept at styling my own hair, and the idea of dropping cash so that someone else could do it baffled me, but as an option for travel or special occasions where you don't want to deal with it yourself, it's a really smart choice. Especially when that salon offers you a freaking mimosa right out of the gate! SOLD!

The white Be Styled case above contains a special iPad preloaded with their menu and anything else you feel like occupying yourself with during your blowout. Scrabble? Cat videos? TED Talks? Knock yourself out.


For the record, I asked for something in between Be Swirly and Be Soft. They should add it to the menu and name it Be Bonsey Bouncy!




I am wearing my vintage Levi's wild geese t-shirt with a pencil skirt from J. Crew. The green ring is vintage, the pewter one is House of Harlow 1960, and the pearl necklace is from J. Crew as well. The calf-hair camo print shoes are from Zara and I adore them. I never thought in a million years I'd wear a pair of camouflage kitten heels, but here they are. Possibly not a true kitten heel, but definitely shorter than I'd normally wear. Kittenish!


Time for another updates roundup! (What is the deal with time and the last quarter of any given year? It's out of control.)

It's been another week, another handful of awesome clients, and of course all of the prep that comes with a trip. What's the weather like back home, y'all?

We just went to Back to School night and met the kiddo's new teachers for sophomore year - we cannot believe there are only two years left after this.

Our new accountant is busy sussing out the details of three years' worth of amended tax returns.

I got bangs and had Bow & Drape make me a custom femme sweatshirt during Sunday's American Field pop-up market, hosted by Ball & Buck (whose collection of absolutely stunning audio equipment gives me regular pangs - one day!).

Locals, we just had a fantastic butch/femme double date at Myers + Chang with one of the gals I ride with and her beau. The food is described as "Executive Chef Karen Akunowicz's very personal interpretation of Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, and Vietnamese specialties," and it's amazing. Everything is so beautifully presented, everyone is so nice and the flavors and textures are interesting and unexpected. Desserts and cocktails were killer. FFAF seal of approval!


Signing off with a few rare shots of our home's interior. I have no idea why I don't do this more often; the light is wonderful on most days, we've done a rather good job of creating a cohesive, lived-in vibe that feels like "us," and there are no outside factors to consider. Maybe more FFAFs will be indoors with nippy weather just around the corner!

Have a good weekend, folks. It's apple-picking, leaf-peeping, cider donut-and-drinking time. Get out there and have a ball.