Teacher's Pet

You didn't think I'd just let the month of September roll by without a Back to School post, did you? How could I, now that we're in the country's hub of higher education? We decided to explore the picturesque grounds of this private Catholic school - not a university, though it is next door to Boston College's Law School campus, which I'm sure will pop up as the setting for another FFAF post in the future.

Beautiful, isn't it? This stretch of one of the town's main roads (it's our cross street, in fact) is peppered with historic estates like this one, lots of them built in the early 1900s. This one is named for the real estate executive who commissioned it in 1920, but died one year before it was ever completed.  In 1925, the Loren Towle Estate become home to the day school, and nearing a century later, they are still making good use of the a 35-room, Gothic-style mansion with formal gardens, terraces, and tennis courts.


This backpack rules. The canvas is fantastically heavy-duty, the leather trim luxe, and the snaps and cozy pockets inside and out are genius. It still cracks M up because she's never seen me wear a backpack before. (Everlane has been full of femme firsts for me - t-shirts, backpacks and sweatshirts.) I can't wait until I've truly had the chance to knock it around and break it in. The petite has the same one, and is going to use our new studding kit to customize hers this weekend.

If you need an invite, while we're on the subject, just email me at fitforafemme@gmail.com and I'll take care of you right away! Just the other day they restocked this exact backpack, which had sold out, and more weekender bags. They have new Ryan tees and regular tees in new autumn colors, too. I think they're trying to make me go broke, because dress shirts and cold weather scarves are on the horizon!

Side note: Moleskines have always been my notebook of choice! I can scarcely function without them, and even with a plethora of smartphone apps and trickery, I can't help being an old-fashioned gal when it comes to pen on paper. Don't get me started on pens!

Tommy Hilfiger seems to have taken a rather preppy turn lately and I've picked up a few things from Macy's. The striped wedge sandals and shirtdress are both Tommy, and I swapped out the belt it came with for a chained and tasselled Zara belt instead. For jewelry, I ran with the gold in the belt and tiny buttons on the dress and kept it simple - a chunky Betsey Johnson ring and JewelMint bracelet. You can barely see them, but I wore my Banana Republic freshwater pearl earrings.

Before I sign off, I just want to report back on the Gossip show last night. It was incredible. We've been fans of the band for a while, but this was our first time seeing them play live. Everyone always said they were fantastic live, and they were absolutely right. Beth Ditto is so charming, powerful and SOUTHERN on that stage. She was a joy to watch and her bubbly weirdness rubs off on her (very queer) audience; everyone is just thrilled to be there and wants to dance around and be cute and they were and we were and it was lovely. For the first time, I didn't wish I was seeing a band in SF instead of in Boston!