We had a very nice weekend. It's interesting the way the fog works down in the lower bits of California. It's nothing like up here. We'd wake up, step out onto our private balcony in our fluffy shocking white terry cloth robes and slippers, bemoan that somehow the cold had tailed us all the way down the coast, and then BOOM! they'd dissipate into fluffy wisps and trail lazily while the sun blazed down on us, by God.

Our suite was bigger than our flat (but smaller than our old loft). It's humbling to come home from.

Thus, I've informed M that I insist on getting a king-sized bed when we move.

Her response was, "Why? Even when we sleep in one we only use half of it."

D R A T S.

How handsome and serious does M look here, all tucked into this nook? I think it's a little bit amusing that we both brought such dire reading to our mini-break weekend: The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker and What Is the What by Dave Eggers.

I also brought with me four tiny vials filled with fragrance (which I haven't mentioned in quite some time, to my own dismay and that of others). You newcomers may not know that I used to regularly write reviews of scents at FFAF. Sometimes M would, too (those would always be of the masculine variety - most of mine are feminine or unisex). I'm going to make a real effort to reintroduce that aspect here, because it's a lot of fun and I think scent is an important part of one's self-expression.

You can read about the four fragrances here (as well as get some "vintage" FFAF from early 2009!):

Pillow of Flowers from Parfums d'Armando Martinez Coup de Fouet from Caron Cuir Ambre from Prada Un Lys from Serge Lutens

Outfits! I am wearing my Runaway Pony dress with a belt I snagged from Fred Flare, and I topped it all off with a vintage clutch and these super hot, sherbet-esque Enzo Angiolini strappy sandals.

M's got on Calvin Klein slacks, an RVCA dress shirt and Zara shoes. Both the tie and tie clip are vintage.

I'd love to stick around, but ZOMG Gossip Girl starts in, like, ten minutes.

(M in "resort" wear and I am in sundry Liberty of London for Target bits.)