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The Tomboy Gratuitous

THIS FACE. Look, I realized that I have all these fantastic photos of M from the summer and probably people should see them. I mean, she's handsome and do we really need a reason beyond that? No. No, we don't. I'll give you little details here and there, but consider this a break from the usual format to sit back and enjoy a little friendly tomboy action.

Top: At the beach house in Dillon Beach. This was actually quite early in the morning, while we waited for coffee to brew. You can't see the striped pajama pants under the table! The sweater is ancient Express for Men, she says.

Bottom left: Dillon Beach Cafe. There's a Mike's Hard Lemonade sitting in front of her (she wasn't feeling the wine or beer choices) and she's wearing a shirt from Macy's.

Bottom right: Dillon Beach! H&M striped t-shirt, awesome captain hat with a Colonel pin.

Dillon Beach and the pups. We'd gone out for a morning walk to explore the beach with the dogs. We discovered the epic sand dunes and did a preliminary search for dead stuff on the shore.

She's wearing cargo pants, which I hate, and which replaced the ones she threw away last month when they became a health hazard during our Habitat for Humanity outing. Fiberglass bits and such. Had to go. Bye. Then she popped out to pick up a few things for our weekend trip, and came back with these. GREAT. Now she wears them to spite me. She's wearing them now, actually.

There was something going on at work when chose this ensemble. The weather had cooled a bit - it was probably before our Indian Summer - and she paired jeans with this Kenneth Cole cardigan, a Nautica shirt (obviously one of her favorites) and a new bow tie to dress things up a little bit.

You'll recognize this dress from my last post, but M has her own thing going on. Levi's slacks, a Ben Sherman shirt and a polka dot bow tie that we found on Etsy. Her scruffy Aldo shoes. Bird! We'd just come home from Hard French. She required a stiff drink.

This one is here for the beerish smirk and hair, obviously.

Well, I enjoyed that, I hope you did too. Sometimes you just need a mega-dose of tomboy, you know? Mm hmm. I bet you do.




Find The Girl

Typical day wandering around the forest drinking Blanton's and pouncing on tree stumps. It's a gloomy, rainy Fall day here at home, which is very lovely - the rain sounds divine - but the downside is that it means yet another canceled riding lesson. I haven't been riding in two weeks, and it was something like 80°F then. My instructor just texted to tell me that my pony is lame, to boot.

Did y'all have a nice weekend? Ours was awesome. We had dinner at MUA in Oakland with an out-of-town friend who was interviewing for an exciting new position nearby, and the evening weather was gorgeous, the streets packed to the gills with Art Murmur-goers. The tomboy called the shots on Saturday, so we stayed in our PJs, slept in, watched movies and lazed around all the day long. Yesterday I got to call the shots, so we brunched in the Mission and soaked in the blues skies at IndieMart in Potrero Hill, petite in tow.

M found us some DIY mimosa kits (paper lunch sacks containing a bottle of OJ, a can of Sofia, and a plastic cup) and Korean tacos, and I scored some lovely finds - a vintage sweater with a tribal Pendleton feel, a nudie girl friendship bracelet, and a friendly, soft-skin making solid lotion bar.

Later that night I got all dressed up to meet a friend on the Embarcadero, where we attended a Fleet Week formal reception aboard the HMCS Ottawa at Pier 35. It was so much fun! The Snowbirds (officially known as the Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron) were all there and as they are basically rock stars, or the Canadian versions of our Blue Angels, it was so cool to hang out on the same awesome WWII destroyer ship as them. After my date - an officious member of the Canadian Consulate - and I got our sea legs over cocktails, we eventually scampered up and down four levels of the ship on an excellent tour, which ended in an invitation to sit down and have a beer (Canadian!) in the Ward Room. There may or may not have also been Canadian hip-hop playing.

OK, let's discuss this outfit. I really like this dress and both times I've worn it so far, it's gotten lots of compliments. People can't believe it's not vintage when I tell them. I feel like it's really versatile - can be dressed up or down, worn in mild or cold weather - and features a print that's somehow both attention-getting and soft, muted.

Dress & Pony Watch: Asos Belt: Vintage Shoes: Seychelles (so comfortable, you guys) Necklaces: Culp Baubles (lipstick bullet), Mariele Ivy (bear tooth) Bracelets: Lori's Shoes (leather + gold cuff), H&M (braided friendship bracelet) Ring: Crossroads Clutch: Handmade by this smart, foxy lady

What's it like where you are? I know it snowed in Utah, finally stormed in Austin, and that Boston saw a little Indian Summer of its own this weekend. All the weather-y things.



Santa Cruz

Fun times at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with the tomboy! I've been coming here with my family since I was a wee tot waddling around in a ruffled swimsuit. Once all grown up, I was often down here on weekends with the petite on my hip, hanging out with my BFF (she went to UCSC). After the tomboy and I met, we'd hit up the beach during the summer for an annual party thrown by some of her friends, so it's been a lifetime of shenanigans, really, right here on this sandy shore.

If we seem awfully dressed up for the beach, it's because we made an impromptu, post-wedding trip on the way home. A nice walk on the beach turned into M pulling me through the incredibly strong current of a miniature inlet to get to this craggy rock, followed by popcorn and churros and tickets to go on the immensely creepy Haunted Castle ride and I'm sure I'm forgetting something else. It was so much fun!

I love that M just rolled up her fancy pants to have at the waves. It was such a beautiful, early evening! From the roller coasters and carnival games to cotton candy and funnel cakes, it's one of those wonderful places that never, ever seems to change.

This is my frilly Tibi dress, paired with a vintage belt and Seychelles platform sandals. The necklace and earrings set belonged to my grandmother and was given to me by my mother for Christmas last year. Same old Ray-Bans.

The tomboy is wearing Ben Sherman corduroy slacks, a Nautica dress shirt and Rooster bow tie. She's wearing Aldo sunglasses, too.

(These were all taken with our cell phones, hence the so-so quality, but the photo below is my favorite!)

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!




Goth 'n' Roll

Yesterday was so strange and wonderful! I decided to tag-along with the tomboy to her nerdy little conference in downtown SF, and we agreed to meet for lunch at 2PM. She walked me to farm : table in that bright, sunny cold feel that Fall has, and I ordered an au lait with one of their insanely perfect, chocolate-filled pastries and a glass of house-made juice. The space is tiny and if you're lucky enough to snag a seat at their community table indoors, definitely do so! I shed my coat - it warms up in there quickly - pulled a book out of my bag and sat there for nearly two hours before I decided to take a walk and kill some time window-shopping before meeting M.

Two gem-toned velvet t-shirts, one woolly "Charlie Brown" dress, and a fuzzy, ivory faux fur vest later, I slid into a cozy booth across from M, who chatted on happily about the sessions she'd attended that morning, and how she was almost late because Occupy SF was blocking streets on the way over (and it appears that SFPD was very busy from appx. 10PM-3AM last night, disbanding the camp with more than questionable methods, unfortunately). We ordered cocktails and some pub fare (including some of the most fantastic pub cheese I've ever had) and the next thing I knew, M was grinning slyly and suggesting that we blow the joint. So we did!

We didn't hear about the sad news of Steve Jobs' death until much later, when we were at home catching up on the daily goings-on.

OK! I wanted to wear this big, dramatic vintage wool skirt, but in a casual way. I decided to throw on this super thin, faded tank I got in a magazine in the UK (Reiss, I think?), a shrunken denim vest, and sexy, studded ankle boots. The vest used to be a little denim jacket, but I have too many of those, so off went the sleeves. In the interests of goth 'n' roll, I'm thinking of dyeing it black. M gave me this antique gold necklace as well as the gorgeous snakeskin bag, and the suede ankle boots are Trouvé.

Tonight night we're off to the Mountain Winery to see the legendary Stevie Nicks live. Remember how it was our anniversary a few weeks back? Well, the traditional gift for three years is crystal, and since M adores her, I figured there's really nothing more crystal than Stevie Nicks, is there? The venue is magical, especially at nightfall, and with a bit of special femme magic, we have outstanding sixth row seats. The show was supposed to be last night, but they moved it on account of our tiny baby storm system, so off we go! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'LL WEAR. Talk about pressure. What would y'all wear to a Stevie show (or what HAVE you worn)? 





Guess what?!

It's bloody raining and I couldn't be more thrilled. Afternoon tea that doesn't feel absurd! Soft, cozy blankets and crackling fires! Pot roast dinners! It's so exciting I can hardly stand it. There's even word that Lake Tahoe is expecting its first light dusting of the season tonight - albeit, at an elevation of 7500 ft.  I've already begun to solicit my friends for magical snow and ski-filled weekends. Who knows, they may be our last for a while!

This was a breezy little outfit from last week, when Indian Summer was still shoving itself down our throats. The shirt dress is Tibi, and it must be pretty old - I thrifted it because of its adorable rainbow grid print and all the bright green buttons, knowing it'd be perfect with the skinny little mint green Asos belt I already had at home. It feels a little bit 1980s, even though Tibi didn't come into existence until 1997 (the same year my petite was born).

I mentioned we were headed out to the Santa Cruz last weekend for a lesbian Sunday brunch wedding, and it was really lovely. The location was beautiful, a sprawling 300-acre retreat in the mountains with incredible, panoramic views of Monterey Bay and Spanish-style grounds. We managed a truly amazing feat: arriving early, so we had lots of time to catch up with old friends and get introduced to new ones fountain-side in the courtyard, sipping blood orange mimosas and letting the morning sun warm us.

Then I realized in our haste to get out of the door on time, I'd left my camera behind. Darn!

The lucky brides had such perfect weather for their touching, short-but-sweet outdoor ceremony, and all the guests seemed to enjoy themselves, whether they were in stitches on the dance floor (bless any DJ who can move seamlessly between new wave, Lady Gaga, Night Ranger and Neil Diamond), going back for seconds of the crème brûlée french toast or pouring their creativity into the fun little flip books generously provided by the folks at The Laugh Box. It all ended with a bang when the last song ended, and we all ran out to the entrance to see the newlyweds off in a gorgeous old convertible Cadillac!


Dress: Tibi Belt: Asos Shoes: Vince Camuto Necklace: Three Sisters

So, even though I forgot the camera, we have this sweet little memento from the wedding - enjoy!