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Did somebody order a party in a box? Booze, snacks, citrus, mixers, ice...anyone?

This is going to be a carefree, to-the-point post, considering the fact that I am on a plane to Boston from San Francisco and ever so slightly buzzed from a few friendly  mimosas. I guess you could call this a companion post, as it picks up with the tomboy where the last post left off - same day, same round of festivities with friends, a lot more masculine. Welcome to M's "Did somebody say 'brunch'?" ensemble.

She takes a pair of khakis from Men's Express and makes them all kinds of handsome, and as far away from the dull, lazy Silicon Valley stereotype as a person could get, I think, by pairing them with an Elie Tahari dress shirt (a soft, bluish grey) and cardigan bought new from Crossroads - she can't remember whatever obscure brand it is, but she found it at their College Ave. location and wishes she'd snagged the grey version as well!

All brought together by a haphazard, undone bow tie (of course, it didn't start that way, but you know, a lovely member of our group felt under-dressed, so being a gentlemen, she graciously undid it on the spot to help her feel more at ease). No idea where this bow tie came from, btw. We've racked our brains and not much can be done about it, as we are 36,792 feet in the air. Whomp.

The shoes are from Aldo and this was their last hurrah, actually, she's currently eyeing a pair from Mr. B's Gentlemen's Boutique, in case any of you dear readers have words on their quality and whatnot - apparently there are three shops in Boston where we can find them (compared to just two in SF). You'll recognize her Dior Homme glasses, although soon I imagine you'll be seeing her new prescription pair of Ray-Ban Cockpit sunglasses.

That's it! And just for fun, some mushy loverbird photos at Jack London Square, taking by Autostraddle's fearless leader herself, the incredibly talented Riese!

We'll keep you posted on our New England house-hunting trip, kiddos! Hopefully, there will be time to sneak in a few shoots.



First things first, today is the 13th annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance, so perhaps take just a moment to honor those no longer with us, support those we're lucky enough to have in our lives today, and keep fighting transphobia. Amos Mac, of Original Plumbing and Translady Fanzine fame, wrote this touching piece about Gwen Araujo, and our friends at Autostraddle have a wonderful open thread going, and I really recommend checking out both!

Gwen was a 17-year-old local who was murdered in 2002 by four young men in a brutal hate crime, and hers was the first memorial of its kind that I'd ever attended. I remember it being very somber and despondent, and frighteningly unfamiliar (I was so sheltered then, still very much a baby dyke). However, it was also softly and sadly determined, for while a vivacious, courageous transgender teen was gone and would be deeply mourned by many, the community's response was deafening: Gwen's life would be remembered and celebrated with a strength that wouldn't stop until it drowned out the ignorance and hatred that took it away.

Throughout all of this, a high school in Gwen's town was putting on a production of The Laramie Project, and so an already badly shaken student body and faculty found themselves facing a different type of incomprehensible hate: Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist psychopaths.

I hardly remember how it happened or who I was with, but one night I found myself among the protective circle of Angel Action folks standing outside of the entrance Newark Memorial High School, wearing those big fluffy angel wings in the cold, all of us doing our best to shield the performers and audience members from those rotten sons of bitches. It was a really small, very tiny thing, but doing anything felt better than doing nothing in the wake of a tragedy like that.

(PS. I'm donating 25% of all sales this week to the Transgender Law Center, so go take a peek at my Etsy shop, Loverbirds, and shop for change! Or go and buy an awesome t-shirt from Revel & Riot - a portion of all proceeds go to LGBTQ rights and equality groups, and they'll make excellent stocking stuffers.)

In other news, it appears I'm getting sick. This is horrific timing, as I have two elaborate desserts to make for Thanksgiving, and a bit of tinkering yet to do for our signature Turkey Day cocktails! We're also preparing for lots and lots of house guests, and I just haven't got the time to be sick! DID I MENTION IT'S THANKSGIVING?! I'm lucky to have such a marvelous, caring wife. (She's already volunteered to make my cheesecakes, and I'm pretty sure I can get her to agree to cocktail taste-testing, too!)

Fingers crossed that it's nothing several mega-doses of Vitamin C and lots of hot tea and whatnot can't fix. Let's chat about this outfit, shall we? I don't think y'all have this leather skirt from Zara yet, even though I've worn it out and about a handful of times since I got it eight whopping months ago. I just wore it out with thick black tights and a neon green collared shirt under a black crewneck sweater, in fact! This time I topped it with an H&M t-shirt and faux fur vest, a pair of Hue tights, and my Dolce Vita platform mules. It's cold out, so I decided to layer leather on top of leather with my Elie Tahari jacket.

I piled on lots of bracelets and rings, mixed new and vintage necklaces, and grabbed a cheeky vintage bag. We took these on our drenched tennis courts, and I love the watery effect it brought to the photos, don't you? XO!

Pocketful of posies.

This is my definition of summer casual. A simple cotton dress (with pockets!), some pretty flats, simple makeup and hair. I realize it's October 1st, but you know, Indian Summer and all. Technically, these photos are from July. I said I was really behind! Trying to catch up before Autumn is here in earnest...

The dress is H&M and I adored the print. It fit into my whole "nudie girl" motif with a soft, blurred foliage of blush and washed-out nudes. Since we were headed to the movies this day, I ditched heels and went with these nude flats with all the shiny baubles from BCBG Max Azria. They're super cushion-y and I love tap dancing around in 'em. SPARKLY.

Piles and piles of silver.

Necklaces: "Femme" necklace by Three Sisters, dainty feather necklace from Banana Republic, and Pennyroyal keyhole pendant with a pink  chalcedony charm added. Rings: Stackable silver from the tomboy, the pink chalcedony teardrop ring is a gem that caught my eye in a Ross, of all places. It was a steal! Bracelet/Watch: The thorned cuff is by Made Her Think. The Citizen watch is from the tomboy.

This one was short and sweet! It's been a very full week.

In gay news, Leisha Hailey and her GF got kicked off a Southwest flight and the Prop 8 trial video is to remain sealed indefinitely, but JD was featured in a devastatingly handsome spread for Vogue Homme.

In other news, I'm loving my new Dr. Jart Beauty Balm, the tomboy and I finally beat Lost Planet II on the PS3, and I reunited with my sewing machine, only to bend my only needle out of shape on the second dress for alterations. I also wrote a guest post on parenting for Autostraddle, and am stoked to cover the red carpet for them at the Dyke Central premiere in Oakland next week. This weekend we're catching Beirut at the Fox and heading down to Santa Cruz to see our dear friends tie the knot!

How are y'all welcoming October this weekend?

All the things.

HEY GIRL HEY. So, I got a haircut and some saucy highlights and I am wearing a pony-print shirt, but the real news here is that we're taking a break from travel posts (yes, AGAIN) for some super gay PSAs. Are you ready? Get ready. Pride month may be over but that doesn't mean we just stop being fabulous and service-y. Get your clipboards out!

Sometimes in life - especially if you are young, or fresh out of the closet, or just discovering being femme - you want to ask an older, wiser, sager person questions. Like a lesbian big sister, but with the anonymity and instant gratification of the interwebs. Enter QueerGirlQuestions, an inspiration/advice blog for queer and questioning girls. Not only does it create a safe space for the above, it hopes these thought provoking questions help readers meet the challenge to live each day to the fullest.

If you happen to be the (not necessarily) older, wiser, sager type, you can also submit answers to the questions! Something for everyone! It's also very much worth mentioning that the lovely gal running QGQ holds a bona fide Masters in Counseling Psychology, so there!

Did you know that you can watch over 2,000 documentaries for free online at SnagFilms? I didn't, either, until someone from the company contacted me to tell me about a film called Red Without Blue. It's the story of a pair of identical gay twins where one transitions from male to female. I haven't watched it yet, but it'll definitely go into the queue.

It's worth a poke around to see what other LGBT documentaries they've got up their sleeve!

I love Cuba.

I love lesbians.

I love Cuban lesbians.


Autostraddle said it best: "Inspired by her lifelong passion for the classic, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Albelo’s semi-autobiographical film centers on the day after a filmmaker’s (Albelo, playing herself) 40th birthday, realizing she’s sacrificed her love life for her film career, decides to embark on an all-female adaptation of the classic."

The name of the adaptation? What else, kittens?!

There are only a few days left to help them raise funds - they are so close - and who wouldn't want to support an all lesbian, female adaptation of 'Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?', featuring hot femmes "swishing around in beautiful clothes". Guess what else I love? HOT FEMMES! SWISHING! BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES! I think most of you do, too. If you can, give 'em a boost through or repost this to your sexy lesbotron network to help get the word out!

This concludes today's announcements. Let's move on to this outfit. The blouse and watch are from Asos, the shorts are from H&M, and the shoes are Dolce Vita. The ring is vintage and from Pretty Penny in Oakland, and the gold bracelet is from Lori's Shoes. The necklace fucking kills me it is so badass and I got it from the Sunday UpMarket in London. I have the information for the girl who makes them somewhere but if I may be frank, I haven't actually fully unpacked yet, so I promise you'll see a lot more of it and I WILL post the info soon soon soon. I HAVE TO GO NOW. I'm so sorry, I'm laughing so hard I might puke because the tomboy found Julie Goldman on the tele.

Hotsy Dotsy

Howdy, sweet readers! How has everybody's week been? Aside from being crowned Miss Autostraddle Hot 100 (okay, there are 100 of us, but still), which is amazing and wonderful, mine's been wack! Wanna know why?

  • Sick tomboy
  • It's raining or fog-spitting today
  • Tuesday tennis canceled due to sickness
  • Finding out the hard way you should NEVER work out at lunch
  • Finding out the hard way there is A LOT of nudity in gym locker rooms (I'm a prude)
  • Finding out the hard way that an hour-long "power conditioning" class is NOT the best way to ease into things, in fact, that's probably the best way to pass out/puke/want to die

I really kind of wanted to go to a fancy lesbian party last night (Flourish, natch), but the tomboy was sick (and studying), the friend who might have gone with me played the I hella live in Oakland card (hi BCW, sorry BCW, love you BCW), and let's face it: If the thought of climbing up and down the flight of stairs in my house makes every inch of my hopelessly sore body want to whimper and curl up oh wait that would really hurt right now nevermind sleep on the couch instead of in bed, the last thing my ass needed was a slick dance floor. I'd probably have ended up in a wheelchair.

In short, lessons learned: Never work out when you can't go home to shower immediately afterward, meet with personal trainer BEFORE jumping into the deep end. My appointment with her (she scares me) is on Tuesday, and in the meantime the Stairmaster and I are BFFs.

It rained for a hot second yesterday, but we've been graced with some sunshine this week, finally. I think we, as San Franciscans, forget every single year what a dirty, underhanded tease Spring can be. Moody, erratic, and has you completely eating out of her fickle little palm for any little scrap she feels like throwing you. We're all sad, panting dogs waiting at the door for Spring.


So here's a new dress. It's from Delia's, and it's got polka dots! It's a great, gauzy cotton that's off-white, actually, and I'm tempted to let the hem down two inches or so, making it fall a bit more demurely at the knee. What do you think? I also think it needs to be paired with a great pair of bright yellow or green heels, but believe it or not, I've been looking like mad and not quite finding anything that doesn't cost an obscene amount of money, for example these:

Drop your girl a line if you've seen anything dreamy along those lines for $100-$200, would you? Danke. I might try the dress with my nudie girl flats, or some sandals, or maybe even my nude snakeskin pumps with some bright, kicky socks.

Check out M's super foxy new Dior Homme glasses! They're very handsome, and go fabulously with her Don Draper hair. I have to get a shot of her other new pair from Warby Parker; they're a bit more retro nerd chic, but just as sexy. We couldn't be happier with the level of quality and service from Warby Parker, by the way, if you're in the market for prescription glasses, the whole shebang is $95, and shipping is lightning fast. (We ordered hers late on a Tuesday and they arrived exactly one week later.)

Dress: Delia's Shoes: Arturo Chiang Headband: Ichiban Kan Skinny Minty Belt: Asos Wallet: Matt & Nat Sunglasses: Elle Earrings: Gift from me mum!

PS. New Seychelles kicks as per the comment silliness below: