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Gold Star

I'm afraid this post is a misnomer, but let's don't talk about it. HOW ABOUT THIS LITTLE DRESS?! It's so fun and witchy and easy to wear. I got it from a website called tobi awhile back and have worn it a few other times (it's especially killer with my Sheeba belt), but hadn't gotten around to posting it yet. Thankfully, we squeezed in a few shots before heading off to see Wild Flag at the Fillmore in San Francisco back in April.

That was an amazing show. It was the second show of theirs we've seen and it's just killer every time. Carrie wore tiny black pants and a very sexy, sheer sleeveless blouse in strawberry red (I wish I knew where she got her blouses, they're always so nice). She was maddeningly hot, as per usual - there was one new song that is a TOTAL panty-changer, I wish I could find it!

Mary had seriously stepped up her stage presence and was a million times more exciting than she was at their show in November. That was really awesome to see. Fillmore tradition meant there were gorgeous Wild Flag posters handed out at the end of the show, and I can't wait to get one of ours framed! (Being super bummed about not getting a poster after a Fillmore show should be one of those You Know You're A San Franciscan When... things.)

We should be talking about Rufus Wainwright's show at the Fox in Oakland last night, though, because that's where we were in our fancy 7th row seats. He was resplendent. Though this was the least favorite of the four times I've seen him, it was still an amazing performance. (To be fair, you can't beat the Release the Stars tour outside at dusk with actual fireflies twinkling on a perfect summer's night, or All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu in the tiny, intimate space of the Uptown in Napa.) Of course, that's got more to do with Mark Ronson's hand in things, and he I can easily give or take - I think it's evident in about half the songs on the new album, and even more so when they're played live. (M thought the band was "cheesy," and preferred the older material, having not heard the new album yet. I've given it a dozen or listens since it was first available on NPR's First Listen.)

Thankfully, the show was peppered with older tunes like Art Teacher, Poses, April Fools, The One You Love, and 14th Street. One Man Guy was sung with two guests - one of his opening acts, Teddy Thompson (he's got a beautiful voice) and a very saucy backup songstress - and it was phenomenal. Really, really wonderful.

from the Lulu tour

He opened the show by candlelight with, of course, the song Candles, and it was exquisite. Rufus shows often have this quality at one point or another of having really sacred, holy moments, ones you wish you could live in and feel blessed to get to even if only for the time he's on stage or that they grip you by the throat in your everyday life, and that was this show's divine, untouchable moment. Montauk, too, which M refused to believe was off the new album. His mother's songs were lovingly covered by his supporting acts, and those were a nice reprieve as well.

From the new album, in addition to the ones I mentioned above, I think these are the standouts:

Rashida Song of You Respectable Dive Sometimes You Need WWIII

In summary, it was a fantastic night (with just a touch too much debauchery), and we bought a beautiful handmade, autographed poster. I'll show y'all soon!

Outfit stuff!

Dress: Tobi Leather: Zara Gold Pyramid Tights: Anna Sui Grosgrain Ribbon Pumps: Christian Siriano for Payless Vegan Studded Clutch: Matt & Nat Necklaces: House of Harlow 1960 (triangle), Jewelmint (long mixed metal chain), Madewell (dainty gold chain) Earrings: Asos

Wow, that's a whole lot of...stuff.

Mother's Day is tomorrow and I am a mother! It should be nice. We have a four-generation extravaganza planned - a morning champagne toast at my grandmother's in Cole Valley, followed by a mimosa brunch picnic with my mother nearby, and finally, a relaxing evening at home - M and the petite are going to cook coq au vin for me! I can't wait!



Early Afternoon

Despite today's coast-to-coast temps that felt a lot more Summer than Spring, one-and-a-half weeks ago I woke up to a rather chilly day in Boston - hence the cozy black sweater dress (H&M), snuggly moss green tights (H&M), and tough girl leather jacket (Zara). Isn't this room lovely?

Our friends recently painted up their warm, roomy rowhouse, and the accent wall you see is a super versatile rosy brown that changes hue with the day's light, looking plummy at dusk, or like melted chocolate in the morning. It was so inspiring for thinking of how to fill up the blank walls at our soon-to-be new home in New England. So many ways to play with color, and we want to experiment with them all: paint, wallpaper, re-staining the wood floors, whitewashing cabinets, etc.


I cannot tell you how many months I've been searching for it. At least a year, probably longer. I picked a vintage motorcycle jacket up at Afterlife in the Mission last April, but the shoulders were too broad and overpowered my frame, so I let it go in a clothing swap (after wasting months telling myself I'd take it to be altered somewhere - ha!).

I wanted something and true to the motorcycle jacket look - the heavy, wide lapels, a narrow collar, all the zippers and snaps and especially the built-in belts that could be left hanging loosely or snapped tight - but at the same time I wanted it to be fitted, as if it had been tailored just for me, and of course I wanted it to be gloriously soft, supple leather.

I kept bemoaning the insanely expensive jackets I loved at Reiss and AllSaints, pouting at the so-so offerings from Topshop and Asos, telling myself it wouldn't  be that bad if I settled.

But then! Wandering around Newbury Street on my birthday, we couldn't ignore the siren call of their lovely Zara store and walked in to have a peek. It's the last place I'd expect to find exactly the leather motorcycle I desired, but there I spotted it, tried it on, and it was a match made in heaven. I was totally in love, but then came that decisive moment - I checked the leather: lambskin (phew) and then the price tag - not exactly a steal, but not highway robbery, either. Oh dear.

There was a bit of handwringing on my part, but because it was my birthday the tomboy very sweetly and lovingly and happily insisted on treating me, and who was I to resist? I couldn't possibly. It was perfect! (Did I say it was perfect?)

Anyway, if I had to pick an article of clothing as my spirit animal, this would be it, and if any unauthorized persons come anywhere near it, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I CARRY A BLADE. It's very sharp.

Let's chat about some of the other accessories happening with this outfit - serious riding boots (Etienne Aigner), an earthy necklace (Mariele Ivy), a friendship bracelet from IndieMart and vintage ring complement a simple but thoughtful cold-weather look. Hope you enjoyed it! I've actually got quite a few posts in the queue, so they should be coming along a bit more regularly now that I'm back home. I have a new haircut to debut as well!




Photo credit: Fancy Pants

HOWDY. I am going on week two of what was supposed to only be Spring Break in Boston, MA. After a week in a hotel, our dear friends kindly opened up their home to me in Jamaica Plain when it was evident that I needed to extend my stay. I somewhat dramatically sent the tomboy and petite back home on their scheduled Saturday flight over a week ago! (Don't ask. Real estate is a strange and messy, often rather annoying world.)

WELCOME TO UNIFORM, a men's boutique in Boston's South End. 

Time has warped and bended and it still takes me a good moment to know which way is up when figuring out what time it is where depending upon whomever I am speaking with, or emailing, etc. and I don't think I've ever been away from the tomboy for this long! I'm pulling my hair out, I can't stand being away from my girls (and those wonky pups), but I've gotten so much done that I can't honestly complain. Jamaica Plain is a lovely distraction, though, with its sweet little boutiques, incredible food, thrifting and vintage, and the super friendly, small town feel.

Alas, these photos are from an outstanding shop for men (and tomboys) in the South End. My friend Fancy (above) got an invite to a special event they were having yesterday - a tasting of expertly mixed St.-Germain cocktails and a storewide sale! Apparently, shops like Uniform are few and far between, and this one is really special.

It feels very Bay Area (read: Castro) to me, and M would love it - once we're settled here this summer, I'll have to bring her back to check it out! So many handsome goodies, and those cocktails were very refreshing on such a warm day. Once we were all shopped out, we snagged a table outside next door at Picco, where I had the best peanut butter chip ice cream ever. (Craving some right now, actually, but I'm pretty sure the cake batter ice cream at trusty old JP Licks will do for tonight.)

The forecast for the first week we were here called for cooler weather, and we packed accordingly. Of course, this weekend's weather report predicted high temps, which gave me a perfectly legitimate excuse to take a day off from house-hunting to peruse JP's thrift stores, vintage shops, and boutiques. This was the first day of warm weather (before I had the chance to shop), and the best I could do was a crisp, white, short-sleeved blouse by DKNY paired with James Jeans rolled up at the ankle. My vintage brogues, Asos bag and pony belt brought it all together, and I love the dainty touch of my citrine yellow cocktail ring dangling from a Madewell chain.

Photo credit: Fancy Pants

Photo credit: Fancy Pants

Last but certainly not least, how cool is this pirate kitty below? SO COOL. Such a cuddly and ferocious one-eyed beast. We didn't know this one, but I'm having a blast snuggling up with the three gorgeous ragdoll cats my friends own. That's all for now, folks. XOXO!


Howdy, strangers! There are no words for my excitement over this new addition to my wardrobe: the puffer vest. While some things can be plucked from the tomboy's side of the closet, the femme tomboy puffer isn't exactly one of them. (Believe me, I tried. Shh, don't tell! She's very possessive of hers.) When I saw this one by Ralph Lauren, I fell in love. It was the perfect outdoorsy shade of green, and really doesn't betray itself as being for her aside from being quite nicely fitted. It makes such a difference! With the campy finishing touches of the chunky wood and rough rope toggles, who the hell needs fleece?! (Answer: Bloody no one, that's who.) the risk of sounding like an advertisement, when I spied two little boy's shirts for $20 apiece over the weekend (also Ralph Lauren), I snapped them up, too! LAYERING! With weather that's finally started to behave like a proper winter, any day now I'll be tucking my fully lined leggings into rain boots and traipsing through city streets like a real live lumberlady! Hooray!

Two of my favorite things: Tornado Recovery t-shirt from My Shirt Helps (I made some minor modifications) and the Otter-Messer sailor's knife M slipped into my stocking this Christmas. It's German, has a carbon steel blade and brass anchor inlay. I use it all the time. I get so mad when I reach for it and realize it didn't make it through the last purse change or it's still sitting in my jeans pocket on the bedroom floor at home, etc.!

True story: When M first met me, I carried a knife everywhere. I slipped it into a boot or my clutch or a pocket,  and while I still have it (it's a lot bigger than this one), it's been awhile since I've carried it. It feels good to have one on me again!

The outdoorsiness of the outfit required rigorous testing, obviously. I adore the huge green ring, which is a total treasure I found at the Crossroads in Rockridge (Oakland). My manicure goes with it quite well, too - a few coats of Zoya's Cynthia ("smoky, blackened peacock teal" blue) with a layer of OPI Gold Shatter on top! Close-up you can see the different colors, but from a distance it looks like a gilded green.

What else is new? The petite and I did mother/daughter manicures and pedicures at a cute little Potrero Hill salon on a lovely sunny day, both M and I had routine haircuts at our respective places of grooming (Watermelon Sugar and F.S.C. Barber), and we've had a few dreamy little dates and nights out and about. We saw Pariah, which was really so good and well done and I urge you all to see it if you haven't already, and we've surrendered to the charms of Downton Abbey, a new addiction on PBS.

After a bit of research, we've also added a handful of towns to our Massachusetts shortlist, should the final decision lean that way - we're supposed to commit one way or another exactly two weeks from now!

Denim & Vest: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Tornado Recovery T-Shirt: My Shirt Helps Tartan Poplin Shirt: Ralph Lauren Suede Ankle Boots: Trouvé Necklaces: Culp Baubles (lipstick bullet) / Lisa Galibardy (winged crow skull) Pony Watch: Asos

How's 2012 treating you so far?



Bunny Bun

For some reason, I named this folder "Bunny Bun" in my Picasa, so there you have it. Maybe it's because this bun is exceptionally fluffy, like a bunny tail. Who can say?! This was taken last Saturday, the kind of sunny, crispy Fall day where you can get away with bare legs, despite the fact that the day before we were all been bundled up in scarves, coats and gloves, braving the bay under surly skies.

I would like a few more of these days before winter takes hold, but the past few have been wrapped in fog thick enough to rile the mournful cries of foghorns, and we're all braced for 70mph winds due tomorrow. Spooky! At least I'm well, having knocked that awful cold out with drugs or tea or bourbon or all three. (I'm sure M is convinced it's the sidecar I had at the Lexington that healed me.)

Also? I have a confession: while I was running around today, I felt that sharp, distinct feeling of being ready to get the Christmas tree. Hooray! As I told a friend yesterday, I am SO excited about chopping down our own tree this year. LOOK OUT, YOU PRETTY SONS OF BITCHES, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU SOON! (If only I had this axe with which to chop it, and I must say I do prefer ax over axe, but I feel it behooves me to adhere to the spelling choice made by the company that makes the axes I so desire, alas.)

This is my HEY GIRL HEY face. Hey. So many baubles, where do I begin? Mariele Ivy necklace, the lipstick-y bullet cuff is from a little booth at a Portland market, the earrings are Asos and the ring is from H&M (and technically belongs to M, I believe). I've got my vintage Dooney & Bourke bag in tow and cozy brogues on again. The skirt, too, is vintage, and I paired it with my super soft  and very perfect Everlane v-neck tee and Sparkle & Fade cardigan. This was my "Oh, hey, let's go to the movies!" outfit (and hair and makeup).

Tomorrow is the last day of November, and I would like December to be kinder. November's been so cruel to far too many people I cherish, and it's been kind of hard to take. I really want to be mindful of treasuring every single day in the coming month, for it's the last of 2011! I can't believe it, and 2012 holds so many uncertain (but exciting!) changes for us.

I'm ready (more than ready, actually), but for now, I just want to cradle this last month like a soft, sweet little kitten.