Sweet Sunday.

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When: Sunday, Jan. 18th, 2009.

Femme What: Jeans by Zara, plaid ruffled blouse from The Gap, belt by Ralph Lauren Polo, vintage Gucci scarf, boots by Lamica.

Femme Confession: Yet another spectacular January day out here in the golden state. We took advantage of it by taking a trip to the Laney fleamarket a few blocks away, where I scored a sterling silver unicorn pendant (holla) for $3, adorable mirrored curio cabinet that I intend for my future vanity for $4 and a brand new Goorin Bros. beret and scarf for $1 each! We came home and frolicked around in the courtyard, where these photos were taken. We have a bocce ball court!

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Tomboy What: Diesel jeans, Chaps Ralph Lauren graph paper shirt, brown boots from Aldo.

Tomboy Confession: I am going to get super buff for the next 12 weeks (M-W-F). I even bought some whey protein stuff I plan to mix in to some of my booze, I AM SO READY FOR THIS!

OK! Now that that's settled, one last photo with the ditzy puppy: