Sunday's A Drag, Part II

Sunday before last, we went to an epic brunch featuring an outstanding drag show at the Sir Francis Drake in San Francisco. This past Sunday, we went to an SF Giants vs. LA Dodgers ballgame, an exciting one, apparently, on account of the fact that the Giants were poised to sweep the Dodgers in the series. (I don't speak baseball; forgive me any errors.)

On Saturday, however, M indulged my new lust for suspenders and bought me a pair of skinny ones from H&M, and I was dying to wear them. You know how it goes. (I am currently typing so speedily that M suspects I have Nasdaq trading windows open. I do not. Hello, the market's closed. Except in Japan, but I'm so sure.)

So, yeah, this is what I wore to AT&T/PacBell Park. (Free drink for the first person to correctly name it, I really just can't keep up.) One girl walking past literally squealed, pointed and exclaimed, "OOH, SUSPENDERS!" all gleefully. I felt more like a stable boy than anything else, but it was a really, really fun outfit to wear. Believe it or not, not a lick of what I've got on belongs to the tomboy. Not even the hat. That belongs to the petite, and it's from Goorin Bros.

A girly girl in tomboy drag makes what?! I don't know, but it was S U P E R. Let's break it down from head to toe!

Hat: Goorin Bros. Suspenders: H&M Shirt: RVCA Trousers: RVCA Boots: Lamica Bag: Betsey Johnson Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

Last but not least, some pics from the day just for fun. The tomboy in her LA Dodgers garb, the consumption of cotton candy, me feigning delight and excitement in a souvenir shop, boozing and the big, gloriously blue sky we were blessed with on game day...