Sunday Matinee

03-DSC03431 Did everyone have a Happy Halloween? We brought spooky cupcakes to a low-key gathering at our friends' house in Jamaica Plain, where the trick or treaters came in droves instead of the trickle our tiny, dark one-way street normally sees. Kids of all ages go door-to-door dressed in their Halloween finest, from the darling to the damned. (I did leave a big bowl of candy out on the porch for the ghoulish souls who braved our steps while we were gone, and that sucker was bone dry when we got home!)

From OITNB's Alex Vause to Vacation Santa and the grim reaper, to a banana accessorized with banana hands, banana beer, banana chips and - what else? - actual bananas, Wednesday Addams, a lumberjack, and my tongue-in-cheek take on 2014 Miss Andry USA, most guests dressed up and drank an intoxicatingly dark purplish black witches' brew (gin, creme de violette, a  fresh-squeezed lemon juice) and chowed down on bourbon-glazed roasted chicken, to-die-for pumpkin mac and cheese, all kinds of insane veggie sides and the crown jewel of the night - candy corn Fruity Pebbles rice krispie treats. It was cozy and festive and perfect.


It's a good thing we spent much of Saturday gathering cold weather supplies for the kiddo; it began snowing this morning and kept up through the afternoon, though none of it stuck. We've been wanting to see Dear White People at long last, so we braved the weather to head to our local indie cinema for a matinee. Gloves were mandatory! It's still pretty blustery out, and we've got a fire going and homemade chicken tortilla soup on the stove.



This zany old theater was built in 1937 on an abandoned church site and still has an incredible amount of character, and has won several awards for having the best popcorn around. (It's true. So good, with real butter, and today they were making hot, fresh caramel corn right in front of you and handing out tasters for free.) It reminds me of the Landmark Piedmont in Oakland, but without the weekend prizes and such!


It was packed, and the movie was witty and bold and great and you should see it. Afterward, we picked cast favorites: Lionel was mine, and M's was Reggie! Then you can head over to Autostraddle and read what The Speakeasy had to say about it.


Even though it snowed in the beginning of the first November we were here, and even though this time last year we were already swaddling ourselves in the electric blanket (thank you, Costco), the first snow of the season is always a primo opportunity for New Englander melodrama. It's really not all that unlike back home, when we'd freak out over unseasonably sweltering weather when everyone else in the country seemed to be sporting parkas and thick knits. Same beef, different coasts! My point is you'd better suck it up and roll with it. For me, rolling with it means full-throttle pastels, including little pink hearts.



And ridiculously impractical silky shorts with eyelash lace trim and an oversized scalloped edge and a frothy confection of a cozy cap with a gigantic pom pom. I rather like to think it says, "Look, I get it, old man winter's here right on time, but I'm not taking it that seriously." It helps that I have a tropical vacation to look forward to - we learned that lesson the hard way, twice!


Real talk, though: Our food truck lunch breaks are numbered. M's have already abandoned Government Center and her side of the Greenway, but my Dewey Square trucks were still bustling and busy on Halloween. Soon I'll be trading in getting catcalled before breakfast for risking breaking my neck on icy, packed sidewalks. Better prepare myself!




Here's a different sort of mama brag: Can I just take two seconds to say how cute my mom is? This past week she's celebrated under a rainy day ticker tape parade to celebrate the SF Giants World Series win, scored a pair of Mad Bum undies, and she's started NanoWrimo. I'm so proud of her and can't wait to read what she writes. Her word count is kicking butt!




I'll leave you all with this fantastic Twin Peaks-inspired editorial for some post-DST style motivation. Outfit details below, see you kittens again soon!

Scalloped sweater tee in Merino Wool - J. Crew | Lace-trimmed shorts - Express | Tights - Ann Taylor | Wool Coat with velvet collar - Hamnett | Socks - Kate Spade | Boots - Saturday by Kate Spade | Knit Cap - Garage | Gloves - Aldo | Earrings + Cuff - J. Crew