Summer wind so sweet.

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CONFESSION: Welcome to my neighborhood, kittens! Where I live, one can wander through lush gardens where butterflies flit around lavender bushes, coo at adorable puppies and babies at the swing set and then hit the Mission's main arteries for fresh goodies from 84,000 bustling mexicatessens, lesbian tea dance parties, super thrifting, mindblowing cuisine from every last corner of the world and more. I love living here! It's magical. It is also sinfully hot this weekend, and I was forced (forced, I swear!) to hack about 4" off these already cut-off shorts today. Also?


I haven't been hiding, I've been busy and wearing mostly boring outfits and, you know, spending several days in that awkward getting-to-know-you phase of a new haircut. I did have to go back to the salon to have them make some slight adjustments after about a week, but now I'm pleased as punch. Life is very good indeed.

Some odd finds on our walkabout: The super creepy mural at the playground in which what appear to be trauma patients in a trolley are shooting a massive, celestial bazooka at a deranged, larger-than-life, distant cousin of Mickey Mouse, who is grabbing wee lumberjacks with chainsaws. It's so...carnie, you know? Also, someone abandoned a scale on the corner, in front of the laundromat. It was broken, but we stopped to tinker with it anyway.