Summer Storm

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...and we're back! Temps dropped overnight into the high 60s, and we awoke to a perfect 72°F, which we felt was reason enough to make a batch of cinnamon rolls to enjoy with our hot coffee sans A/C. The storms we were promised yesterday surfaced earlier this evening to further cool things down and it was glorious. We grilled and lounged around and had dinner in our backyard, and took a little stroll through the neighborhood afterward. Such a lovely Sunday!


Despite being five days behind, we're jumping back into the R29 challenge. I love today's outfit! And I'll warn you now that I might have to skip TWO days from this week because I do not own nor do I desire to own a pair of overalls, let alone short-alls, and I am seriously giving two other outfits the side-eye. Y'all told me so. We'll see. Back to today, however!


Day 15: "Don't retire your booties during the summer. Think "light" up top and choose pastel colors, short hemlines, and easy fabrics. A pretty patterned cardigan will keep you toasty if temps cool down."


OR a leather jacket (mine's from Zara), obviously, offset perfectly with my Pencey "Ringo" boots (similar pair by Dolce Vita with a little Western flair here) and this amazing, striped linen skirt from Fischer. The pretty, embroidered tank is from Madewell (similar on sale here), as are the earrings and cuff bracelets.


The big blue statement necklace is from a cute boutique on Newbury Street called Lou Lou - they're great for really pretty, trendy pieces at affordable prices, and they don't feel like the junk you get from H&M or the like.

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It's a good thing we had a super mellow weekend, because this one is full of work, work, work, socializing and CAT ACROBATS!!! I realize and subsequently fully embrace that this crosses some sort of crucial line, but come on, like you'd pass this up:

The purr-forming purr-sonalities have as much fun as their audience with obvious content with their lime-light status as they demonstrate astounding feats of agility so synonymous with their species. On Samantha's cue, they perform tricks with various hoops, tumblers, skateboards, hoisting flags, reading signs, even rolling balls over parallel ropes! This amazing spectacle also includes performing mice, rats and even a cat vs chicken bowling show-down!


Oh my god, what am I going to wear, though?! Suggestions welcome!


M is very fond of this flower, and kept taking pictures of it, so I thought I'd include it in the post. Don't forget, you can catch all the R29 posts here.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, come back tomorrow.