Summer School

7-P2800791 Suffice it to say that today was kind of balls and Wednesday will definitely be better - we're going with our little gang to see She & Him and Camera Obscura tomorrow night! All us girly girls made pretty flower crowns to wear, because it's a fun summer show and why not!? So excited. HOORAY.

1-P2800591 2-P2800608

Today's photos were shot at a local elementary school. I love this enormous mural on the side of the building. It's got random orbs that I think look like planets, and giant numbers. Weird, but good!


Today brings another look with a J. Crew pencil skirt, and some scorching hot polka-on-polka action.

FYI, I skipped Day 7's missive to colorblock by pairing a two-tone vest with matching pants, because I am so not OK with wearing a vest as a shirt, and the only one I could have even attempted to use is...embroidered denim. That level of fug would have blown Napoleon's dynamite right out of the water, my friends.

Therefore, I officially consider this outfit the first day of the second week!

8-P2800747 9-P2800770

Day 8: "An embellished tee is all the accessorizing you'll need. Wear it with a pencil skirt for a casual Friday this month."


Well, who needs an embellished tee when you have an Eleven Objects collar, the ultimate in embellishments, at your disposal? Just as easy as throwing on a bedazzled t-shirt, if you ask me.

I picked this particular polka dot version at (gasp) Forever 21, where my kid decided she wanted to pick up some clothes for summer last month. We don't support that store and generally don't allow her to (I know, we're those parents), but I guess the heat went to my head or something and I made an exception, grabbing a fistful of linen tees since they were less than half what J. Crew's were going for. It was like going to McDonalds and immediately regretting it. M tsk-tsk'd me all night long. I was so ashamed!


What else have we got going on here? A pair of comfy suede mini-wedges from Aldo, and the Kate Spade Saturday watch my mama sent me for my birthday this year. Let's change the subject and have a wee little roundup of some links I wanted to share with y'all:

  • Trans kids in California schools had a major win earlier this week. The state senate overwhelmingly voted to pass A.B. 1266, so now "regardless of the gender listed on a piece of paper in the front office, a student can participate in sex-segregated activities, athletic teams, and yes, use bathroom facilities consistent with his or her gender identity."
  • On the other end of the age spectrum, old-timers in Los Angeles attended an extra-special gay and lesbian senior citizen prom the day after the 4th of July, and their stories (and the photos!) are incredible. Listen to this little excerpt: Long ago, Jones-McCoard married a gay man. It was just something gay women and gay men did years ago, she said, before there were domestic partnerships and, of all things, legal gay marriages. Her husband was at the dance. He'd brought a man as his date. She'd brought a woman. "Tomorrow's our 28th anniversary," she said, smiling. Don't miss the rest of it!

Hope y'all are having a good week - I'll see you back here soon. Totally stoked on the next outfit. I'll be mixing florals and stripes!


PS. See all of the Refinery 29 31 Awesome Outfits To Copy All July Long at FFAF here - they're piling up fast!