Summer Mood

Welcome to Hoarders!

Just kidding, it's my mama's obscenely suburban three-car garage. I guess really it's the domain of my stepdad (typical), who has a tiny television constantly playing old black and white war movies on top of the (second) fridge - which is next to the giant freezer, because zombies, I don't know - a car that doesn't run (slug bug!), freaking traffic cones and moving boxes that haven't been touched since they, well, moved. MAY OUR GARAGES NEVER LOOK LIKE THIS. But! I found a skateboard. So that's cool.

We were in town for my brother's birthday. He's younger than I am, but this one marked the last year of his twenties, which means:

A. Christ, I'm getting older. B. I get to say all sorts of rotten things to him about his 20s being over. C. He's my mother's favorite, which means she's cooking beef bourguignon. YES.

Being very kind older sisters, we fetched him some nice things to wear - a hip puffer vest thing, a natty bow tie that M will teach him how to tie and wear at Thanksgiving, they've decided - and a pretty pink champagne cake. I don't know much about it except that it was light and delicious and soaked in champagne, and we got it at a local shop specializing in European desserts.

It was a nice day in San Francisco, which means nearly 90 degrees out where my family lives. Some days we love it, some days we don't. M decided to shove a pair of swimming trunks into her messenger bag, in case she got too hot in her slacks (she did), and to continue haranguing my mother about how much more often we'd visit if she'd put a swimming pool into the backyard. (I do the same thing, except swap "swimming pool" with "pony".) I took the opportunity to snag a new pair of sunglasses. These are big and fun and super girly, matched my dress, and were a total steal. I'm not usually a Hilfiger fan, but these are cute.

M bought me this dress sometime over the summer, at Therapy in the Mission. It's Kensie and silk and really comfortable to wear. I feel like the t-shirt shape up top helps make it dressed up but not dressy. I could easily throw on Sheeba the belt and some nude snakeskin pumps to amp it up, or layer thick tights and a long cardigan with it for colder days, too. Mostly, I love the colors, all rich and earthy, or like a sunset.

Anyway, I totally skateboarded with a refreshing Pimm's cup in my hand whilst wearing heels, and I didn't fall down once. Um, I don't recommend trying it at home, though. M was sure I'd end up with skinned knees and elbows, and a bump on my head. (Pfft.)

Dress: Kensie Shoes: Novela Watch: Citizen Necklace: House of Harlow Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger Sequined Hair Clip: H&M

The earrings are a sweet little cluster of crystals that M got me last Christmas. Speaking of, I highly recommend the new She & Him Christmas album. Too soon? Don't care! I'm also a little bit too in love with Best Coast for my own good, hence the title of this post.