Summer Dies / Swells Rise

When Third Eye Blind released their debut album I was just seventeen years old and knocked up, which probably explains why I've got an unwavering soft spot for it. I know! It's terrible. Guilty pleasures, as they go, could be a lot worse. Right? Back me up here, kids, I've been drinking. I mean, the moody trifecta of the last three songs! (This is definitely not the 1990s music that's made a comeback nowadays.)

Somebody mentioned that November is this epic blogging month for bloggers to blog and blog and blog every day all day long! I think maybe bloggers just made it up because they were jealous of all the NaNoWriMo'ing going on, but since writing 50,000 words in 30 days is not the kind of exquisite torture I wish to repeat, I'll deign to post something here at FFAF every day.

Did you know that God hates bags? True story. Want one? Get yr own at Revel & Riot, they're amazing. Femmes wanting more visibility? GETCHUSOME for a good cause.

Some posts will be business as usual, some will be about makeup or my mint plant, perhaps one day all I'll post is a photograph of my Sephora order. Who knows what can happen in a month?! At the end of it all I'll tally up the sum total of all words in my November blog posts and we'll all weep at how close I came to writing a blog. I mean a novel.

What the hell is going on here?! If some of you have begun to suspect that we're homeless and living on random beaches, I wouldn't blame you. Indian Summer + best proximity to beaches we've ever had in our entire lives = THIS POST. When you live 5 minutes away from the beach, you just go there more. I really do genuinely think that this weekend will be the really for real last weekend of fun in the sun, and thank God because I am ready to get down to Fall business. God damn it, there's a Charlie Brown sweater dress I really, really want to wear already. Enough with the summer dresses!

I'm not gonna lie, though, snuggling with Bird in the sand with the sun shining down, and watching M & the petite scoop up dead stuff is pretty much heaven on earth. So is splashing around in the waves until you can't feel your toes because the water is icy cold! This is Fort Funston again, by the way.

Let's see, none of this is very exciting, wardrobe-wise. I've just got on a Buffalo David Bitton cotton sundress, my new Tommy Hilfiger sunnies, and my canvas and leather Seychelles boots. The earrings were a gift from a friend. I love them. Big silver hoops with tons of multicolored beads, she brought them back for me from India. M's got on a pair of ancient swim trunks and can't remember where from, with a black polo and her Aldo aviators (which are now broken and she's on the prowl for a new pair). We left the house in such a hurry, so this is probably the least fussy you'll see us!

That's all for now, we're settling into to catch up with American Horror Story, a new favorite!