Suddenly Spring

DesktopYou wanted a makeup post, you've got one! With the added bonus of some other things I've recently acquired for my spring wardrobe, and what better day to kick it all off than April Fools' Day? I have a lifetime's worth of practical jokes from my cheeky Uncle Mel (and so does my poor mama, bless her heart), so I never really was one for the shenanigans involved with April 1, but let's be honest - mostly it's because I'm preoccupied with my birthday being a mere four days away!

And spring's really arrived back East. Some of our perennials are peeking through the tamped down mulch in the front yard, the snow has cleared, temps are up, and it just might be time to send our heavy winter coats down to the basement! So let's get started.

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder: California girls don't really have to fake the glow since the sun shines year round. New England style requires a luxe bronzer that won't give me that dreaded dirty or overdone look no matter how sleepy I am when I slap it on, and this one is excellent. Soft, effective, not a speck of shimmer or glitter without that heavy matte "thud." Definitely a winner.

Guerlain Maxi Lash: Full disclosure, I haven't tried this yet. I have gotten so many samples through Sephora and various monthly (or quarterly, or semi-annual, or annual) beauty boxes that I haven't needed to buy a full tube in a while. (And probably won't, but will anyway, until winter.) I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime here are a few other quickie mascara reviews:

  • YSL's Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking is very deep black and effective, but messy and best used sparingly
  • Benefit's They're Real is great for drama, but doesn't respond well to layering and dries on the brittle, clumpy side, which are deal breakers for me
  • Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara is so good, and EL is one of the best brands for mascara out there!

Bobbi Brown Blush in Bright Pale Pink: This product is mostly lies, specifically: pale pink. In the pan, this looks like a tame bright violet, which I love. It's all in the application; light-handed - a pretty, natural flush. A little more and you have a confident, no-nonsense blush. More still, and you've got beautiful, aggressive editorial-caliber cheeks. Spring has sprung!

YSL Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain in Violine Surrealiste (No. 26) & Corail Fauve (No. 12): I'm pretty sure I've already talked these to death, but after picking up a classic red (No. 10) and rose (No. 5) last year, I knew I had to grab a fresh bright pink (No. 12) and fun violet (No. 26) for the warmer months. These are my splurge items, but I think after adding a nice orange-y coral I'll be all set!

Desktop1 Sometimes you've got just to suck it up and jump the Pantone train. I did so by taking advantage of the cute free makeup bag offer and this set of mini emerald green eyeliners. I gave one away to a friend (fair warning, her eyes have been tearing up a little lately and she said the liner ran a bit when it happened), but still have the matte and two sparkly ones (can't tell the holographic from the shimmer, or metallic).

I really love them for a fresh-faced cat eye paired with little more than super sheer TM, mascara, and a kiss of bronzer or cream blush, like Benefit's PosieTint! At Sephora exclusively for $18. Desktop5 Madewell, lovely Madewell. Essential cuffs with enough of an edge to make them a little bit masculine, and an unabashedly flirty bow ring in gold. I couldn't resist! Desktop2

ZARA! Zara is so fantastic, and it was great to hear of their recent efforts to be more conscientious than most. We stumbled into the Newbury St. location a few weeks ago and this very cool shark t-shirt was staring me in the face, so I scooped up the last small. I loved the faux leather and rhinestone geometric choker necklace above, and it looks amazing with this breezy striped top with pretty gold buttons at the shoulders and a pair of tailored, slim black trousers from Calvin Klein. Desktop4

What's a new season without a few staples from Everlane? This time around I snagged a boxy white tee and one of their men's oxfords in white. Perfect!Desktop3-001

Last but certainly not least, J. Crew Factory. My existing long pencil skirt in double-serge c0tton is in cobalt blue, and I love it so much I felt it should hold hands with this fuchsia one. I added a standard length black pencil skirt as well as a bone white mini version, and threw in this lemon yellow pullover because SPRING. They're having a killer sale right now with an extra 30% off, so go and have a ball. I love that I can wear the shark OR the stripes from Zara with any of these puppies and have a great spring outfit nailed just by mixing up flats or nude heels or spiky ankle boots.

I've got posts coming up from our delightful Easter weekend at the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Vermont, but can't tell you where the heck February and March went . I will try and do a fly-by February post soon, but Picasa is telling me that I picked up my camera TWICE in all of March, but who cares?! We've had lots going on at home! Big changes on the work front, and we've got a builder coming this week to give us an estimate on transforming our finished attic space into a glorious master suite with a full bath and dressing room. Fingers crossed for good news!

M's got a big Maine birthday getaway planned for me this weekend - there's going to be horseback riding, seaside goodness, and a magnum of Veuve set and ready to go. Come on, 33!