Stylegasm: LOL for Target

My first thoughts upon seeing (yes, late, as ever) the Liberty of London collection for Target:

1. ALL YOUR FLORAL TEAPOTS ARE BELONG TO US. Seriously, I'll have to be physically stopped from buying them in every pattern, because I'm mental like that.

2. ZOMFG, that bike comes in a blue floral. Hotsauce. What if it's in black and white, too?! HOW WILL I CHOOSE?!

3. Her hair is so interesting. Fluffy. (Would the clothes look less appealing with flat, shiny, ultra-straight hair, I wonder?) Also, I want to see some of these pieces on a black girl, pronto. Not that I don't appreciate the whole lily white thing - femmes come in all the colors of the rainbow, after all - but some of these softer, lighter, feather-y colors would look sososo gorgeous against darker skin tones, and I can almost see it in my mind's eye but, you know, I'd rather look at pretty pictures.

Like on this girl, at right:

Am I right? I'm totally right. Put her in the romper, the buttery yellow dress and one of the maxis. Dreamy. Also? I want to be at whatever tea party they're having.

4. I don't know what that probably-see-through romper-nightie looking thing is exactly, but can I pretty please wear it in public on hot summer days if it isn't too scandalous? OK, great.

5. Last but not least, if M gets a hunter-themed room in the house, surely I deserve one that is purely Liberty of London-themed. It is only fair, no? Exactly.

I was just so excited about it all that I had to share it with y'all. I felt it a pressing obligation and hope you enjoyed it.

This concludes the LOL for Target stylegasm. Thanks for joining us!

PS. Don't forget to vote today!